The left strikes out a totally irrelevant finance bill with a red line

Macronie cannot innovate every day. For its first budget in 2017, it had abolished the ISF and the flat-tax. But it can persevere more than ever in error. Thus, its first budget for the second legislature is in line with the previous ones, even as the environmental, social and economic crises are accelerating. “We are in emergency situations which require not to end with ‘whatever the cost’. We are not at all in a period where we should set ourselves the objective of reducing public spending and taxes on the richest, quite the contrary. thus measured Éric Coquerel. The FI deputy and chairman of the National Assembly’s Finance Committee castigates a draft budget obsessed with a 1% growth target (when the Banque de France is counting on 0.5%), inflation estimated at 3.4 % (when the Banque de France forecasts up to 6.9%) and an expected deficit of 5% of GDP, as promised to the European Commission.

bills that double

“It is above all a large smoke-out budget because it is supposed to protect the French, businesses and communities, but it misses its triple target and will once again benefit TotalEnergies”, observes Nicolas Sansu. The PCF deputy notes that, if 45 billion euros are put on the table concerning a reduced energy shield, “This is done without changing the rules, without reversing the liberalization of the gas and electricity market which has led to this situation. These 45 billion, we will find them in the profits of Total for 2023. As for the prices of electricity and gas, they will still increase for the French”. “Many people don’t know how they will manage to keep warm this winter. As it is, they won’t make it! » is indignant thus the PS deputy Philippe Brun.

Same for some companies. “There is an envelope of 3 billion euros to help those who consume a lot of energy, but this does not concern small SMEs which will see their bill double, even triple. It will be a drama. As for the communities, there will be no tariff shield for the municipalities beyond ten employees. They will be left helpless in the face of inflation and index increases: I am t harm our entire local development system with a major risk on the investment. Entire territories will drop out,” warns Nicolas Sansu.

large groups are happy

Éric Coquerel adds that this budget does not “does not correspond to emergencies on ecology, health, school, purchasing power. Faced with such challenges, care should be taken not to weaken the State in terms of revenue, yet this is what will continue, in particular with the abolition over two years of the contribution on the added value of companies (CVAE )”which previously brought in 8 billion euros per year. “Once again, big gifts are being given to big business. This abolition of the CVAE will not benefit SMEs, but industrial groups who did not expect so much! » asserts Philippe Brun.

“We are always moving more from direct taxes to indirect ones, from progressive taxes to proportional ones, and from taxes on capital to taxes on labour. We deprive ourselves of meeting real needs. We do not tax superprofits and superpatrimonies: it is a budget that will continue to support the rent”, Nicolas Sansu is alarmed. This is why the left intends to lead the battle in the Hemicycle and outside, by dismantling point by point this irrelevant budget, by defending alternatives through major axes of counter-budget that the Nupes will present around October 10 , and by sustaining the mobilization to come concerning the referendum on a tax on superprofits.


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