The great political returns – POLITICO

Following Rishi Sunak’s unprecedented 50-day turnaround from defeated leadership candidate to British Prime Minister, Westminster Insider host Jack Blanchard looks back on some of the great political comebacks of our time.

Among the guests are Peter Mandelson, who shocked Westminster – and himself – with a sensational return to the UK Cabinet in 2008 after four years away as EU commissioner; and American historian John A. Farrell, who recounts Richard Nixon’s extraordinary rise to the US presidency in 1968, eight years after his crushing defeat by John F. Kennedy. Professor Edith Hall tells the story of the great Roman ruler Cincinnatus and his return to power from his humble plow – a famous name verified by Boris Johnson in his farewell speech as Prime Minister. Professor Nicholas Allen recalls other great British political comebacks of the 20th century; while POLITICO’s Meredith McGraw assesses former US President Donald Trump’s prospects of a return to the White House in 2024.


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