The great cultural quiz of 2022

We invite you to test your knowledge with this cultural quiz. Have fun!


Question #1

Who directed the “Motel Paradis” series available on Club illico?

Sophie Dupuis

Sophie Cadieux

Sophie Pregent

Sophie Deraspe

Question #2

Who was hiding under Bébéluga’s costume at « Masked singers » this fall?

Dany Turcotte

Mariana Mazza

Robert Piche

Monique Jerome-Forget

Question #3

Who wrote the “Chouchou” series broadcast at Noovo this fall?

Simon Boulérice

Anita Rowan

Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf

Marie-Andree Labbe

Question #4

Who directed the film « Niagara », which can be watched on Club illico?

Guillaume de Fontenay

Guillaume Vigneault

William Lambert

Guillaume Lonergan

Issue #5

Among these actors, which plays the main role in the daily « Indéfendable » broadcast on TVA?

Patrick Labbe

Sebastien Delorme

Gildor Roy

Suzanne Clement

Issue #6

What is the name of the Minister of Culture and Communications since last October in Quebec?

Catherine Dorion

Nathalie Roy

pablo rodriguez

Mathieu Lacombe

Question #7

What is the title of comedian Jo Cormier’s new solo show?

« Animal »

« mustachioed »

« Hair bun »

« Funny Sparrow »

Question #8

Among these actors, which one does not play in Xavier Dolan’s first series, « The night when Laurier Gaudreault woke up », available on Club illico?

Patrick Hivon

Eric Bruneau

Elijah Patrice

Marc-Andre Grondin

Question #9

What is the title of the documentary tracing the life and commitment of Janette Bertrand presented on Télé-Québec?

« Janette wants to know »

« Janette with a capital J »

« Janette and Girls »

« Terless Janette »

Question #10

What is the title of the play that brought together Maude Guérin and Luc Senay on stage this fall at Duceppe?

« The pack »

« The wolf »

« The Coyote »

« The Jackal »

Question #11

Which Quebec artist is honored in a new MU mural inaugurated this year in the Ahuntsic district of Montreal?

Robert Charlebois

John Duceppe

Yannick Nezet-Seguin

Janine Sutto

Question #12

Among these artists, which one will not be a coach at “La Voix” next January on TVA?


Ariane Moffatt

Marc Dupre


Question #13

An episode of this Quebec series was withdrawn by Netflix due to a « black face »?

« Caleb’s Daughters »

« Can you hear me? »

« Life, Life »

« Trauma »

Question #14

What is the title of the series written by Éric Bruneau and Kim Lévesque-Lizotte for ICI Télé?

« After the Crash »

« During the Crash »

« Crashes »

« Before the Crash »

Question #15

What is the title of David Goudreault’s most recent novel, launched last November?

« Until the Last Scream »

« Plessis »

« The Queen of Nothing »

« Maples »

Question #16

Anchor Pierre Bruneau retired in 2022. For how many years was he a newsreader for TVA?

50 years

39 years old

46 years

49 years

Issue #17

John McGale, who tragically died in a traffic accident at the end of October, was one of the prolific guitarists of which band?


Nice pity



Question #18

Which artist lends his voice to the late André “Dédé” Fortin in the show “Dehors Novembre?

Hubert Proulx

Vincent-Guillaume Otis

Eric Robidoux

Philippe Thibault Denis

Question #19

What is the title of Taylor Swift’s latest album?


“Day and night”

« Midnights »


Question #20

Which artist was added to the main cast of the next “Bye Bye” in October? He also contributes to the texts.

Michael Charette

Patrick Huard

Claude Legault

Patrice L’Ecuyer

Question #21

Which internationally renowned painter now has, like Leonard Cohen, a large-scale mural paying homage to him in Montreal?

Jean-Paul Riopelle

Marc-Aurele Fortin

Paul-Emile Borduas

Jean Paul Mousseau

Question #22

Which actress plays a bipolar woman in the series « My mother »?

Guylaine Tremblay

Chantal Fontaine

Maude Guerin

Marie-Therese Fortin

Question #23

Which of these artists or groups was not a headliner at the Osheaga festival last summer?

Arcade Fire

A$AP Rocky

Dua Lipa

The Chemical Brothers

Question #24

Who won the most recent edition of “Star Académie” last spring?

Eloi Cummings

Krystel Mongeau

Olivier Bergeron

Camellia Zaki

Question #25

Who will host the “Zénith” musical competition from January on ICI Télé?

Sebastien Benoit

Norman Brathwaite

Veronique Cloutier

Elyse Marquis

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