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“The Goals Filled” podcast: Mikaël Kingsbury, a baseball fanatic

Freestyle skier Mikaël Kingbury hides some secrets unsuspected by many of his supporters: he is notably a baseball maniac.

“Being younger, my first dream, before being Olympic champion in my sport, was to play in major league baseball,” he revealed on Wednesday during his appearance on the podcast “Les Buts Filled”. powered by QUB radio and TVA Sports.

Again next week, Kingsbury also hopes to take advantage of a planned trip to Japan to see a Tokyo Giants game.

Despite a passion that crosses borders, the great champion obviously does not regret his career choice. He now has three Olympic medals, but also 104 medals, including 74 gold, on the World Cup circuit.

The “king of the moguls” adds to his harvest 10 large crystal globes, as winner of the general classification, all disciplines combined, and 11 small globes for the classification in the moguls event. In short, he won his own “World Series” several times.

Former stickman

Kingsbury’s love of baseball has been nurtured by numerous appearances at Olympic Stadium, including being a batting man for the Montreal Expos. He was also a formidable player in minor baseball, at shortstop, in the Saint-Eustache region.

“I remember visiting the Expos locker room when I was young; it was privileged access, he recalled. When I was a “bat boy”, there was Vladimir Guerrero, Orlando Cabrera, Jose Vidro… For me, it was the core and the heart of the Expos.

“The most beautiful moment I had was when Vlad had hit a double and I had to go get his protector which he placed on his leg,” Kingsbury said. To run up to him and have him hand me the item for me to take was really special. These are unforgettable memories.”

“The Goals Filled” podcast: Mikaël Kingsbury, a baseball fanatic

PHOTO COURTESY / Mikaël Kingsbury

An Orlando Cabrera supporter

At home, Kingsbury still keeps his little Expos uniform as well as a few autographed balls, including one by Cabrera, which he considers particularly precious.

“He was my favorite player, he was at shortstop like me and he had style,” Kingsbury said of the former No. during the national anthems. I also loved Vladimir, but my big brother [Maxime] had already chosen him as his favorite player. We each had to have our guy.”

Behind the Blue Jays

Today, Kingsbury describes himself as a supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays, although he still has a professional club in Montreal.

“I love the Blue Jays, for sure, it’s our team in Canada, but for sure if the Expos come back, it’s going to change completely all of a sudden. I grew up admiring the father [NDLR : Vladimir Guerrero] and now to see the son, it’s still really special… I’m 100% convinced that, when I was a “bat boy”, little Vladdy was there. I can still see him on the big sofa at the Expos, he was sitting there.