the future of our children is threatened

OPEN LETTER – As everywhere in Quebec, the Mothers on the Montreal front are mobilizing to remind all parties that environmental issues must be at the heart of this election campaign.

How is it possible that in 2022, parties can campaign as if the climate crisis did not exist? How can we advocate unbridled economic growth regardless of planetary boundaries? Without having the courage to propose sufficient GHG reduction targets?

By pursuing mineralization east of Montreal by proposing an industrial “Ecopark” instead of preserving green spaces? Remember that the east has the most mineralized neighborhoods in Montreal and that life expectancy there is 9 years shorter for this reason, among other things.

Regarding environmental issues, scientists have been warning us for years, billions of people around the world are already affected and we know that Quebec will not be spared. We who are mothers no longer know how to protect our children. The climate crisis is affecting our mental and physical health, our economy, our agriculture, workers, the cost of living, our infrastructure, the tourism industry, and even our seasons. It affects our present and threatens our future and that of our children.

Let’s dream of a Quebec with less pollution, more green spaces, more healthy food, more affordable housing and local businesses, more safe places to get around on foot and by bike, more mutual aid and humanity.

On October 3, we will vote for our children. We gave life and we will do everything to protect it. Our children do not vote, but we will vote to ensure a future for them, we will vote for political courage in matters of the environment. All is not played. Let’s speak up, it’s our duty.

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