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It was during the third game of the year, the one against the Carabins in Montreal, that Glen Constantin knew that his team had the means to achieve its “great ambitions”. A « click » that led the team to its 11e Vanier Cup and which allows the head coach of the Rouge et Or to be very enthusiastic for the years to come.

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The match to which Constantin refers ended with a 45-yard field goal to the advantage of the Montrealers, as the clock ticked down the last seconds of the game.

« That’s where we believed in our chances even more, » Constantin said on Tuesday, during the team’s end-of-season report.

« That’s where it all clicked, in my opinion. Like I said before, we’re not in the business of moral victories. But I felt that even despite the defeat, we had progressed a lot as a team. »

The first Vanier Cup win since 2018 holds special significance for Glen Constantin, who now has as many championship rings as fingers.

“I saw things changing a little bit. Everyone thought that Laval was over and that it was the era of Montreal. It served a lot of motivation for us, the coaching staff, we are very aware with our workforce, ”he said.

Recruitment even in London

Some thought the team was “overwhelmed,” Constantin added. “It is certainly special today to be able to say that we are champions. That the team is young, efficient and committed. »

“We are very excited for the future,” he adds, his head already turned towards 2023.

This other season ended, Glen Constantin is now looking to complete his recruitment. He says he is « ahead » of his task and indicates that there are « eight to ten guys who are targeted ».

Even in London, in full preparation for the Vanier Cup, he took the time to make a few calls to college players he wants to attract to Laval University.

“Maybe 25-30 calls. It must. […] Good teams are everywhere. Champion teams are everywhere. The programs that win on a regular basis, they think about their future and don’t lay all their eggs on a season, ”he imaged.

“I think it always has an impact when […] you’re in the middle of your season and you take the time to call them. I think they appreciate it. »


Five players will definitely leave the team. Carrier Joanik Masse, defensive lineman Yanis Chihat, receiver Antoine Dansereau-Leclerc and offensive linemen Nicolas Guay and Nicolas Thibodeau played their last game on Saturday in London.

A few other players shouldn’t be back either.

What he said about…

… his future with the team.

“I still have fun, I still have a lot of energy to give to my sport and to the Rouge et Or. I don’t see myself leaving the Rouge et Or any time soon. »

… the revival of enthusiasm supporters

“We had to go get the world. They had to get used to coming back to the stadium. I think we gave them a good show on the pitch. […] I think we have to build on that for the years to come. »

… the end of the Dunsmore Cup game.

“I think it’s the game of the year, indeed. I think that was the turning point of the Dunsmore. If we don’t get the red, we go to overtime and we’ll never know what could have happened. »

… the brain drain Quebec in the NCAA.

“We have to keep our players in Quebec. We cannot force them to stay, but what we must do is offer a product at the school, college and university levels that is interesting and that will encourage people to stay in Quebec. »


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