The filming of « The Voice » begins next week: Marc Dupré back on stage

Marc Dupré’s autumn is unfolding at breakneck speed with several shows on his tour schedule and he will start recording his The voice alongside the new coaches, Corneille, Marjo and Mario Pelchat.

The 49-year-old singer-songwriter has taken part in several festivals this summer and has just started his tour Where will the world be, the title of his eighth and most recent opus. It will be at Place des Arts on October 30, when the show was originally supposed to take place at the opening of the Francos, last June, but the COVID-19 had forced the postponement.

“We have a show that stands and that is representative of where I am. We added and removed songs. I talk about a lot of things that people don’t know about me,” he told QMI Agency.

Marc Dupré, who has had a career for 30 years, appreciates first and foremost the « sharing » that takes place between the spectators and him. “It can’t be explained, but I know that people are ready to participate. We talk to each other as if we know each other. The show is very much about people, about our relationship. I want the connection to be there from start to finish,” he added.

He even allows himself to make imitations here and there, thus returning to his first love. He recently impersonated the late Roger Tabra to recount the creation of the song What have you done to me?a moment that made people laugh, as Marc took over the big voice of the lyricist who died in 2016.

Grateful to last, to be well surrounded and to have a beautiful family, Marc Dupré works hard to cultivate success and happiness. “I didn’t sit on my hits. I always continued to write other songs, to make other albums. I have always tried to evolve, to move forward, to take my job seriously. I’m the type that thinks the best is yet to come, » he said.

The voice succession

And the exchange that he loves so much revolves more than ever with the next generation, whether with his daughter, Stella, or with the young people he has met over the years at The voice and to Star Academy.

“When I work with other passionate people, young and old, I feel like I come alive again, having butterflies through them. I find it beautiful, I want to help them,” he said.

The meeting of The voice, where he will be a veteran coach from next January’s broadcast on TVA, he was sorely missed. He liked to animate Star Academy last winter for the « experience » it allowed him to acquire, but if he had to choose between the two concepts, The voice would triumph without hesitation.

« I love being involved with talent and Star Academy I was biting my fingers because I was just with them on Sunday and couldn’t say anything to them so as not to break what the faculty had advised them to do. I realize that it is the interaction, the moment with the candidate that makes me vibrate. Yeah, I really like that! The voice is a perfect show for me,” said Marc Dupré.

Other information about the tour Where is the world going are available on the Marc Dupré website [].

Any news from Celine?

Marc Dupré doesn’t have much to say about his mother-in-law, Céline Dion, who, as we know, has been resting for a few months due to muscle spasms, a situation which forced her to cancel her European tour.

« I have to tell you the truth: I’m not sure what’s going on. I would like that, like everyone, that Céline returns to the show. She’s a great singer. You have to be patient. […] I have no news that she is not well, and it is more Anne-Marie who is in contact [avec elle]“said Marc Dupré, speaking of his wife, Anne-Marie Angélil.

He added: “I’m not the type of guy to ask too many questions. We are all waiting and we know our Céline. She is made strong. I dare to hope that everything is correct.”

He recalls that Céline experienced “very difficult things” following the death of her husband, impresario and longtime accomplice, René Angélil, in January 2016. “When you lose a piece like René and then you change your team, sometimes it takes a long time to rebuild. I believe in “taking your time and coming back stronger”, especially coming back and being sure of your shotbecause when you’re Céline, you can’t go on a world tour and stop it in the middle, » he confessed.


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