The family of the young man snubbed by Mayor Miranda is still waiting for an apology

The family of Hocine Ouendi, this 15-year-old teenager who was rebuffed by the mayor of the borough of Anjou in the middle of a city council meeting during a session that has since toured the web and the media , has still not received any feedback from the municipal administration.

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“I still find it a bit special, with everything that has happened. The issue has been widely publicized and on social networks. Unfortunately, whether it is the City, the administration or elected officials, nothing is changing. It’s total ignorance,” lamented the teenager’s father, Smail Ouendi, in an interview with the QMI Agency on Wednesday.

On October 4, Hocine Ouendi was rebuffed by Mayor Luis Miranda when he asked a question about the closure of synthetic soccer fields in the borough, decreed at the end of August due to « incivility » committed by young people.

Mayor Miranda had been aggressive towards the teenager by answering him, even reproaching him for having presented himself at the microphone.

“At 15, I would never have come to face the mayor. It should have been your father or your mother who comes before me, I have no business to speak with you,” he said.

“You should have spoken, as a parent. At 15, I don’t even have a business talking to him, » he added, addressing the mother. “Educate your children. There are many who are uneducated,” he continued.

Smail Ouendi judges that the freedom of expression of his thread has been violated. “Me, as a father, I find it wild. […] We cannot reject, we cannot accuse all children of being badly brought up, ”he denounced.

Failing to have obtained a return from the borough, the family plans to file a complaint, one way or another.

“It is something that is possible. I discussed with my son the possibility of going, with a procedure, to another stage », slipped Mr. Ouendi by affirming that he was trying to see what it is possible to do with the « organizations concerned ».

Support from Dr Julian

Furthermore, the Dr Julien, well known for his involvement with youth, offered his support to Hocine Ouendi through an open letter published on Wednesday.

The pediatrician praised the teenager’s approach, which he described as « inspiring for our world of tomorrow ».

“But instead of encouragement, Hocine was dismissed, in a belligerent and disrespectful tone for him and his parents. […]. Words fail me today to describe this outrageous scene and very little worthy of an elected official…”, he continued.

The Dr Julien also called on Mayor Miranda to listen to youth. “It is close to my heart to tell you that in full knowledge of the facts, our children are inspiring, they deserve to be listened to and respected. Young people are your voters of tomorrow, but above all they are our citizens of today,” he wrote.


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