The factory of inhumanity | Humanity

An elected representative of the Republic in favor of the law of retaliation. The most watched continuous news channel in the country which promptly invites him. Another channel, competing on its right, owned by a billionaire, who outbids, while a « host » on another channel, owned by the same billionaire, will carry the « buzz » to its acme. A “news story” – in this case, a father beating the alleged sexual aggressor of his 6-year-old daughter – which will saturate the media space to the point of becoming the “political” question of the moment.

If the scenario is known, we must avoid getting used to its repetition. It is in fact part of the « factory » of a regression, based on the politicization of emotions and the hysterization of politics, the whole nature of which is illustrated in this « survey » launched on Twitter by the program of Cyril Hanouna: “Do you understand that he (the father – editor’s note) took the law into his own hands? An innocuous and apparently banal question: what father, what parent does not « understand » bloodshed in the face of such aggression? But to pose the public debate in these terms amounts to reducing – lowering – society to the sum of the reactions of the individuals who compose it.

Men have precisely invented Justice so that they do not do justice to themselves. This great idea is based on a philosophical principle – society must have this superiority to the individual that it cannot, must not make law of his impulses –, which also presides over the opposition to the death penalty. In short, humanity is stronger than inhumanity. This is perhaps what bothers Éric Ciotti so much, of which we no longer see what differentiates him from the far right. We will oppose the recent remarks of the bishop of Arras, Olivier Leborgne, during the funeral of Lola, the murdered young girl: “Responding to savagery with savagery is giving reason to savagery. » An ultimate danger for any community that Gandhi already tried to avert with a formula: “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, and the world becomes blind and toothless. »


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