The election of all dangers

The tensions running through the Quebec election campaign had been predictable for a long time.

The arrival of Éric Duhaime in the background and the mobilization of grumpy conspiracy theorists are not enough to explain the slippages and the rise of Trumpism on Quebec soil.

Broken society

The fragmentation of Quebec society has increased over time through the proliferation of political parties and through electoral clientelism responding to the interests of certain segments of the population.

The parties no longer carry unifying projects.

The oppositions do not contribute to the appeasement of the climate by making the government better. They take refuge in permanent criticism.

The composition of the National Assembly in no way reflects the different tendencies within society, which makes it more difficult to merge them.

The ruling party governs unchallenged with a majority of seats and the support of a minority of the population.

The reform of the voting system proved to be a royal road to bring citizens closer to each other. Unfortunately, those obsessed with the British regime feared instability and objected to better representation.

By denying his commitment to reform the voting system, François Legault will be among those who have contributed to the deterioration of the social climate!


According to the polls, the CAQ would be returned to power on October 3 with more than 100 deputies, but only 42% of the popular vote.

Do we believe that such a situation will appease the spirits? On the contrary, the frustrations will only be greater and the hatred against the rising elites.

This is additional ammunition for Duhaime and the conspirators who will call for even more rebellion and civil disobedience.

The mess could also get worse with a CAQ encountering obstacles in the delivery of its election gifts.

It is already setting aside its commitment to provide a family doctor to every Quebecer. There are moreover twice as many people looking for a family doctor as when he came to power.

In health, it gives up and is not much better in other public services. She places herself at the service of wealthy people.

The third link is transformed into a golden calf. Bernard Drainville, who previously criticized it, has become a worshiper and denies its environmental impacts.


In terms of increased power for Quebec, which would be the wish of the majority of Quebecers, the CAQ has won nothing so far. On the contrary, it has no means of pressure to bend Justin Trudeau.

His deputation, made up of a majority of federalists, trivializes any threat that Chief Legault could make.

According to the Institute’s survey on self-determination, a majority of citizens would like to repatriate all powers to Quebec, like an independent country.

Paradoxically, it is a government that claims to be nationalist that is in the process of burying forever the idea of ​​creating the country of Quebec.


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