The eight tenors of the season

They are only eight. The eight best players since January, apart from world number 1 Carlos Alcaraz, injured, who will try on Sunday to win the trophy for the champion of the season. Alone, they have accumulated 376 victories and 26 titles, including three majors.

For the eight tenors of tennis, the stakes will be high this week at the Pala Alpitour stadium. Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas could steal the world No. 1 from Alcaraz. Félix Auger-Aliassime has his sights set on the top 5. With a sixth title at this year-end championship, Novak Djokovic would equal the mark of the illustrious Roger Federer.

And there is this marvelous purse. The winner will receive $3 million, a record. But if ever a player managed to lift the trophy without losing a single match in this high table, he would pocket… $6.5 million. All the conditions are met for a thrilling tournament.

The forces present – green group

Rafael Nadal

2nd worldwide | Spain | 36 years


Record this season: 38-6

Titles this season: 4, including Australian Open and Roland-Garros

Best result at ATP Finals: runner-up (2010 and 2013)

The bull from Manacor started the year with a bang, winning 21 titles in a row. His left foot frozen to prevent him from suffering too much, he then lifted a 14th trophy at Roland-Garros, his sandy ground. But even if the treatments to cure this diseased foot seem to be working well, the left-hander has still been caught up in his body since his exceptional start to the year. At Wimbledon, Rafa had to withdraw before the semi-final. He has only played six games in the last five months.

Admittedly, the new dad could still end the year in first place in the world. But between the Spaniard and the championship at the end of the season, it is not the great love. In 10 appearances, Nadal has never won the title.

Casper Ruud

4th worldwide | Norway | 23 years


Record this season: 48-20

Titles this season: 3

Best result at ATP Finals: semi-finalist (2021)

The young Norwegian will already be making his second appearance in Turin, where he reached the semi-finals last year. If, in the past, Ruud was best known for his brilliance on clay, he also stood out on hard court this season. His first final in a Masters 1000 category tournament, in Miami, then that at the United States Open, lost to Alcaraz. A performance that allowed him to temporarily climb to second place in the world. The highlight of his season, however, was his final on clay at Roland-Garros. Too bad that for this great moment against Nadal, Casper turned into a ghost…

Felix Auger-Aliassime

6th worldwide | Canada | 22 years old


Record this season: 56-25

Titles this season: 4 (including 3 consecutive)

Best result at the ATP Finals: first appearance

The Quebecer’s recent results made the headlines. Not just here, but everywhere on the tennis planet. Three consecutive titles, 16 victories in a row… performances which, moreover, were achieved on the inside, the same surface where the ATP final is played. This final was one of Félix’s avowed goals, which was not so far from reaching it last year. But he’s finally there, and he’s ready. In confidence, FAA affirms it: he is aiming for the title in Turin, despite the magnitude of the challenge. Auger-Aliassime also hopes to collect valuable points that could allow him to climb into the top 5 in the world for the first time in his career. It won’t be that simple, however. There are two players in his group that he has never beaten: Nadal and Taylor Fritz. His tournament begins on Sunday, around 8 a.m., against his friend Ruud.

Taylor Fritz

9th worldwide | United States | 25 years


Record this season: 48-19

Titles this season: 3

Best result at the ATP Finals: first appearance

The American was in the race in Turin until the end, but an early elimination in Paris deprived him of his first qualification. That was before Alcaraz suffered an abdominal injury, however, forcing the ATP to recall Fritz in a substitute role. However, this is a luxury substitute, who won his first major title in the spring, in Indian Wells, against none other than Nadal, still undefeated at this time this year. It is precisely against the Spaniard that Fritz will make his debut in the end-of-season championship, this afternoon around 3 p.m., Quebec time.

The forces present – Red group

Stefanos Tsitsipas

3rd worldwide | Greece | 24 years


Record this season: 60-22

Titles this season: 2

Best result at ATP Finals: champion (2021)

A coronation, next Sunday in Turin, could be worth to the Greek to reach the first world rank for the first time of his career. Be careful, however: to extract the crown from Alcaraz, Tsitsipas will have to win the top honors without losing a single game. The task looks heavy, very heavy. The Greek has sometimes lacked consistency this season, as evidenced by his elimination in the first round of the United States Open. But in addition to his two titles, in Monte-Carlo and Mallorca, he also reached five finals (including three lost to Novak Djokovic). Stefanos also knows how to win in this tough tournament. He had won the title in his first participation, three years ago.

Daniel Medvedev

5th worldwide | Russia | 26 years


Record this season: 45-16

Titles this season: 2

Best result at ATP Finals: champion (2020)

He was first in the world this season, a privilege mainly obtained because Djokovic was banned from entering several countries, he who is still not vaccinated against COVID-19. Then, the vagaries of extra-sporting life caught up with Medvedev in turn, forcing him to skip Wimbledon, the organization having banned Russian players in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

A strange season therefore for the Russian, punctuated by “only” two titles, but also by a Grand Slam final, lost in Australia when he was leading two sets to nil against Nadal.

Inconstant, he has just won the title in Vienna – ahead of Denis Shapovalov – and also lost in his first match in Paris.

Andrey Rublev

7th worldwide | Russia | 25 years


Record this season: 49-18

Titles this season: 4

Best result at ATP Finals: Group stage (2020, 2021)

The Russian started the season in great shape, winning the titles in Marseille and Dubai in quick succession. He also shone on clay, triumphing in Belgrade, before reaching the quarterfinals at Roland-Garros. It was later that his good consistency took a hit, but not enough to miss his flight to Turin. Rublev obtained his ticket at the same time as Félix, during the Masters 1000 in Paris. He will now try to extricate himself from the group stage for the first time in his career, he who is in his third consecutive appearance in the championship at the end of the season. But it is not done. His group is without a doubt the toughest of the two.

Novak Djokovic

8th worldwide | Serbia | 35 years


Record this season: 37-7

Titles this season: 4 (including Wimbledon)

Best result at ATP Finals: champion (2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

Whether on the pitch or not, Djokovic will have been the story of this 2022 season. The Serb held the sporting planet in suspense at the start of the year, when he was expelled from Australia on the eve of the first major tournament. of the season, as he is not vaccinated against COVID-19. For this same reason, the former world number 1 has played little this year. The Djoker had to ignore the summer hard court season, and above all, the US Open. But when he played, true to form, he won. Especially at Wimbledon. He added three more titles, including two at the end of the season. Automatically qualified for the Masters at the end of the year thanks in particular to his victory at the All England Club, he finally entered Turin through the front door, because of his result in Paris. And he once again has history at the end of his racket. With a sixth title at the ATP Finals, he would equal Roger Federer’s mark.


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