The Duke of Sussex reveals his favorite food

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The Duke of Sussex’s favorite dish is the burger.

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His wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 41, admitted the 38-year-old’s love of fast food at LA’s In-N-Out Burger in her wide-ranging interview in the latest issue of Variety magazine.

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She said: “My husband’s favorite is In-N-Out. There’s one halfway between LA and our part of the country.

“It’s really fun to go through the drive-thru and surprise them. They know our order.

The Duchess also said her and Harry’s « love story » inspired the world because « people love love ».

She added: « A big part of how my husband and I see things is through our love affair. I think that’s what people all over the world have connected to, especially with our marriage. People love love.

“I am not excluded from this feeling. And our definition of love is really broad: love of partner, love of self, love of community and family.

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« We use that as a basis for the kind of shows and documentaries we want. »


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Speaking from their co-working space at their mansion in Montecito, CA:

“We share an office. We are working from home, as most people started doing during lockdown. It allows us to spend a lot of time with our children at this really special time in their lives.

“We will never recover this time. I cook breakfast and we get the kids ready for the day.

“We do a lot of joint calls and zooms, but also try to divide what we can focus our energies on so that we can accomplish even more.

« My husband is on a 24 hour time zone, where half of your life wakes up while the other half goes to sleep. It’s kind of the opposite of what I experienced in the UK.

“He is very good at answering text messages. I try to be as quick as possible on emails. I’ve always said, if it takes less than five minutes, do it now.


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