« The dream has finally become a reality » – Stéphane Tourigny

The family of Miguël Tourigny realized a dream on Friday when the Montreal Canadiens drafted the native defender of Victoriaville, in the 7th round, with the 216th selection.

« The feeling of pride is indescribable, » said his father, Stéphane Tourigny. We are just beginning to realize it. I was in shock. Montreal is the team I have followed since I was young.

The 5-foot-8, 170-pound defenseman was passed over by teams on the Bettman League in his first two years of eligibility. The Tourigny family, which owns a dairy farm with nearly 700 animals, did not travel to Montreal to avoid another disappointment.

Critics motivated Miguël to redouble his ardor, according to the father.

« Because of his greatness, Miguel always had to work, » he said. He never had it easy. Ever since he was a peewee, he’s been told he wouldn’t get far in hockey. He has always worked hard. He has unshakeable confidence. He’s really strong mentally. »

The 20-year-old’s mother, Valérie Desrochers, highlighted her son’s resilience.

« Her determination is her greatest strength, » she said. He has a temper at work. His journey will never be easy. He never gave up […]. We always had hope for him. When we heard his name, the dream finally became a reality.”

« The heart bigger than his body »

According to those close to him, Miguël Tourigny has everything it takes to stand out, despite the pressure of the Montreal market.

“Miguel runs on pressure,” noted his father. The more important the match, the more he is in the game. He likes challenges. He has a purpose and he wants to show everyone that his greatness doesn’t matter. »

“He still has energy and he will continue to surprise you, he predicted. His heart is bigger than his body. It looks like he has two engines, since he never stops on the ice.

In addition to seeing Miguël shine with a harvest of 31 goals and 80 points, the Tourignys had the pleasure of seeing the youngest of the family, Jordan, a 16-year-old defender, win the President’s Cup and play an important role with the Shawinigan Cataracts.

“The two brothers are very close, mentioned Stéphane. They call each other after each game to give each other advice. What they made us experience this year is beyond our expectations. It has been a milestone year for our family.”

Miguël Tourigny is taking part in the Canadiens’ development camp until July 13.


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