The draft Social Security budget for 2023 adopted in committee by the deputies

The draft Social Security budget for 2023 must be examined in the hemicycle of the National Assembly from October 20, 2022 in first reading. Due to the relative majority of macronists, and as for that of the state budget, the government could resort to the constitutional weapon of 49.3 to have it adopted without a vote in session, retaining the amendments it wishes.

Not everything went as desired in the Social Affairs Committee: the rapporteur Stéphanie Rist (Renaissance) could not prevent her colleagues – including the majority – from overriding some of her “unfavorable reviews” Monday evening, October 10.

Defend equal pay for women and men

Four amendments were thus voted, in particular in favor of compliance by companies with obligations in terms of equal pay for women and men in order to benefit from reductions in contributions on low wages, and for the abolition of old-age contributions for doctors in multiple employment. -retirement.

The rest of the discussions were less epic, and various amendments were passed with the approval of the general rapporteur, in particular to condition the reimbursement of spa treatments on the evaluation of their « medical service rendered » by the High Authority for Health ( HAS) – a proposal from the Horizons group, a member of the majority.

MEPs also specified the content of new prevention consultations at “key ages” (25-45-65 years): menopause, osteoporosis, cancers, sexual violence, mental health.

An internship in a medical desert for interns

The aspect concerning access to care was debated at length. The bill provides for extending the internship of general practitioners by one year, with internships outside the hospital and « as a priority » in medical deserts, a measure against which the students will be on strike on Friday. This internship must be supervised by a practitioner located in the living area, the deputies notably indicated.

On the subject of the reduction in the prices of medical biology acts, a measure which is fueling the anger of the profession, an amendment by Ms. Rist has tightened the screw even further: there should not be a reduction in the number of laboratory establishments.

These various amendments will have to be voted again in the hemicycle by the Assembly. In its draft budget, which ultimately does not provide for pension reform, the government is counting on a spectacular reduction in the Social Security deficit, from 17.8 billion euros this year to 6.8 billion next year.


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