The Divided Self | Humanity

The winter will be harsh, the elephants hide their trunks in the sand, announced a few years ago a number of the very crazy Hara-kiri, logically committed suicide. We don’t know if it will be the counterpart of the heat wave, but we say it, we predict it, we preach it. The savings will pass through us. Wee in the shower, put on an extra sweater and flannel underpants, lower the temperature… Among the rich, you can turn off the light in the toilets in a fifteen-room apartment. For illuminated signs, lighting of large surfaces and other facilities, it is necessary to think. We do it at the Farnborough Airshow which has just opened in Great Britain with 192 billion orders and a forecast of 82% growth in traffic over the next twenty years. There will be more planes but they will pollute less. It recalls the story of the baker who loses money on each bun but makes up for it in quantity. The English psychoanalyst Ronald Laing spoke of the “divided self” to describe schizophrenia. Here we are.


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