The Dartmouth Interchange will be closed to remove the light towers


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Halifax Harbor Bridges will close the Victoria Road interchange for 24 hours to remove four lampposts after a similar one collapsed in a storm a year ago.

The closure comes a year after the lighting standard at the location collapsed during the storm

The Victoria Road interchange in Dartmouth will be closed Sunday morning through Monday morning for the removal of streetlights. (Google Maps)

The Victoria Road interchange in Dartmouth will be closed for 24 hours beginning Sunday morning to allow for the removal of four streetlights that may be susceptible to high winds.

A lamppost there collapsed during high winds a year ago.

Seven other standards were removed at the time after inspections revealed they showed signs of metal fatigue.

An inspection last year showed metal fatigue in seven poles, including stress cracks at the base of that pole immediately above the weld that secures it to the base plate. (Jack Julian/CBC)

According to a press release from Halifax Harbor Bridges, the four remaining lampposts show no signs of trouble, but are being removed due to an « increasing number of wind events and the time required for constant inspection ».

Work will begin at 6:00 a.m. Sunday and is expected to continue until 5:30 a.m. Monday, the statement said.

The MacKay Bridge will remain open, the statement said, and access from Route 111 will not be affected by the closure.

Roads feeding into the interchange will have detours, according to the release.

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