The craziest New Year’s Eve events where revelers will ring in 2023

A change in weather patterns across North America will mean a significant temperature shift, with those affected by the Christmas Arctic Blast seeing incredible heat through the end of 2022 and the start of the new year.

The FOX Forecast Center does not predict a record heat wave, but expects high temperatures to be 10 to 20 degrees above average for Southeast, Northeast and Midwest regions.

The heat in the east won’t keep the precipitation at bay, but will ensure that most of it falls from the sky as rain versus snow or ice for this holiday weekend.

It will be a different story in the Western and Rocky Mountain regions as a large storm system produces rain and snow and leads to cooler temperatures, especially in the Golden State.

« We entered Christmas with just terrible weather, and we’re ending the year with quite a bit of rain and snow out west, » FOX Weather meteorologist Marissa Torres said. « Good news if you’re trying to hit the ski slopes on New Year’s Eve, especially in the Rockies. »

On New Year’s Eve, all eyes are usually on New York to watch the nearly 12,000 pound balloon with 2,668 Waterford Crystals fall over Times Square.

Like most of the East Coast, warm air and scattered showers will be the theme for when the clock strikes midnight.

The East Coast will experience warm air and scattered showers on New Year’s Eve.
FOX Weather

Forecast models show temperatures could be around 50 degrees, which is well above average for a region that typically only sees afternoon highs only reaching the lower 40 degrees .

« It could be a little soggy, » said FOX Weather meteorologist Brigit Mahoney. « Of course you’re going to want to pack the poncho. »

The Big Apple won’t be the only city to welcome the New Year. Celebrations are planned in communities from coast to coast.

New Year's Day forecast.
Temperatures across the country on New Year’s Day.
FOX Weather

From PEEPS to conches and even a giant pierogi, cities across the country all offer a different spin on the party that’s celebrated around the world.

Here are some of the craziest New Year’s Eve events where revelers will celebrate the arrival of 2023.

Great fall of sardines and maple leaves in Eastport, Maine

This annual event near the Canada-US border celebrates the arrival of the new year in two time zones.

At 11 p.m., a 4-foot maple leaf is dropped to reflect the date change in Atlantic Canada’s calendar, and an hour later, a giant sardine joins the party in front of the Tides Institute & Museum of Art in the center -town of Eastport, Maine.

The New Year celebration is broadcast live on the museum’s Facebook page.

The event could be chilly with temperatures expected in the lower 40s and a decent chance of scattered showers.

Despite the city’s location in eastern Maine, it won’t be the first American community to host 2023. That honor goes to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which is in the Atlantic Time Zone. .

PEEPS Chick drop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Foodies should look no further than eastern Pennsylvania, home to Just Born Quality Confections, the 10th largest confectionery company in the United States.

For over a decade, PEEPSFEST has welcomed candy lovers of all ages to its two-day candy celebration.

Organizers carefully drop off a huge 400-pound chick PEEPS during their New Year’s Eve countdown, followed by fireworks.

Fortunately, many activities will be over when the rain falls in the area on New Year’s Eve.

Pickle drop in Mt. Olive, North Carolina

One of the nation’s largest pickle companies hosts an annual pickle drop that draws thousands of people to Mount Olive University in eastern North Carolina each year.

With the help of firefighters on a ladder truck, organizers will ring in the new year by dropping a glowing pickle into a jar below.

For those who can’t make it and want to watch the event in person, the pickle company is offering a live stream of the drop on

Those staying home will also miss out on free pickles, but they will avoid rain showers.

The FOX Forecast Center expects scattered showers to move into the mid-Atlantic Saturday afternoon and the luck could persist through New Years Day.

Conch Waterfall in Key West, Florida

In what could arguably be the hottest place on the Lower 48 to ring in the new year, Key West will be the site of the annual midnight conch drop.

Similar to the celebration in New York’s Times Square, spectators will be counting down to the moment a gigantic man-made conch shell drops onto the roof of the famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

New Year's revelers celebrate after a giant replica of a conch shell is lowered onto the roof of Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West, Florida.
New Year’s revelers celebrate after a giant replica of a conch shell descends above Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West.
AFP via Getty Images

Typically, temperatures are around 70 degrees at midnight, with warm water from the Gulf Stream helping to keep the air mass balmy.

This New Year could be slightly warmer than average in the Sunshine State. Forecast models show temperatures reaching the 80s on New Year’s Eve and only dropping into the mid-70s for the celebrations.

Watch the crowds gather live on Duval Street at

Florida Water temperature.
This New Year could be slightly warmer than average in Florida.
FOX Weather

Pierogi Falls in Whiting, Indiana

About 30 minutes from Chicago, the town of Whiting, Indiana will pay homage to its Eastern European heritage and celebrate the arrival of the new year with the airdrop of a giant pierogi.

Amid Polish cuisine and plentiful entertainment, a 10-foot pierogi will slowly drop more than five stories into a boiling cauldron when the clock strikes midnight.

Rain showers are expected to end during the afternoon and temperatures could hover around 40 for the big drop. Even around midnight, temperatures will still be 5 to 10 degrees above the average daytime temperature.

The annual event has only been around for about seven years and its popularity continues to grow.

Cheese Chute in Plymouth, Wisconsin

The official cheese capital of the world will once again host the descent of a giant corner cheese from the ladder of a fire truck.

Thousands of people are expected to gather in Plymouth, Wisconsin, halfway between Milwaukee and Green Bay.

Cheese drop.
Plymouth, Wisconsin lowers a giant wedge cheese from the ladder of a fire truck.
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

« The Plymouth Arts Center launched this popular New Year’s Eve event in 2007 to pay homage to Plymouth’s cheesemaking heritage and thriving industry that still exists today, » said Donna Hahn, executive director of the Plymouth Arts Center, in a statement. communicated. “We greatly appreciate the generous sponsorship of this event and our organization by the Sartori Company. We also thank the Plymouth Fire Department for their continued and gracious assistance.

If you don’t mind your cheese being cold, this event might be for you. Temperatures should be around freezing at midnight, which will be cooler than most of the country.

Potato fall in Boise, Idaho

The state capital and largest city in Idaho hosts the annual Potato Drop on New Years Eve.

Boise’s annual celebration has quickly become one of the most original in the world, thanks in part to the size of the potato that is the star of the show.

The 17-foot-long potato was recently upgraded to include lights and other performance features.

Annual Boise Celebration.
Boise, Idaho rings in the New Year with a 17-foot-long potato.
Idaho New Year’s Commission

A massive crane will hoist and drop the potato at the stroke of midnight.

Temperatures should be in the high 30s with a few scattered snow showers around. Thus, the phrase « hot potato » may actually be more accurate if replaced with the words « cold potato » this turn.

Grape Fall in Temecula, California

The heart of the Golden State’s Southern Wine Country will host the annual Grape Drop tradition at 9 p.m. to celebrate the arrival of 2023 on the East Coast and again at midnight on the West Coast.

The grapes are carefully lowered from the third story of the Temecula Clock Tower and stand approximately 12 feet tall.

Annual grape fall.
Temecula lowers a bunch of grapes from the clock tower to celebrate the New Year.
Visit the Temecula Valley

The Temecula Valley Winemakers Association said the region produces nearly 50 types of wine and the event has been an annual tradition since 2009.

Unfortunately, the Golden State may not be so golden and could harbor some of the worst weather in the country on New Year’s Eve. In Riverside County, heavy rain is possible and temperatures will drop from the 50s in the 40’s.


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