the child and the beast of the oceans

The Sea Monster
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“It’s not the man who takes to the sea, it’s the sea that takes the man. »The Sea Monster adopts Renaud’s formula, but seeks to go beyond the fatality to which sailors are condemned. A beautifully crafted adventure story, this animated feature film seems very classic at first, but does not follow the program assigned to it to the letter.

The film opens with the reading of the book recounting the heroic expeditions of Captain Crow by Maisie Brumble. The young orphan lost her parents during the attack on their ship by one of the monsters scouring the oceans of an imaginary world, XVIIe century revisited with sauce Pirates of the Caribbean. From the height of her 11 years, she secretly infiltrates the ship of the legendary hunter and his reckless second in command, Jacob Holland, whose hair waves in the wind like the sails of his boat…

cycle of violence

Launched in pursuit of the most terrible of sea creatures, « the Red Storm », the crew finds itself in difficulty when the terrible fight occurs. Preferring to save the crew, Jacob Holland disobeys his captain and gives up on defeating his prey. Like Jonas, he ends up in the depths of his entrails, in the company of Maisie. Life saves, the two companions in misfortune radically change their point of view on the eternal confrontation between men and monsters…

Choreographed with an impressive sense of rhythm, these dizzying combat scenes are the most anticipated part of the film, which shines with its careful reconstruction of naval settings. From the holds to the top, from the stern to the prow, Chris Williams, former pillar of Disney, reveals the spaces of the galleon in all their dimensions. The characters suffer on the other hand from a not very expressive animation, compensated by a quality vocal interpretation.

Despite some lengthsThe Sea Monster intelligently calls for breaking the infernal cycle of revenge, while inviting people to be placed in a more harmonious relationship with nature.


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