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The CEO will have to surround himself well

The outcome of the saga of the next general manager of the Canadiens is approaching and one thing seems more and more obvious to me. More than one candidate could obtain a position within the organization.

The goal remains of course to appoint a DG, but the latter will need assistants. It is the entire organization chart of the club that will have to be planned.

Upon his arrival in office, Marc Bergevin was notably surrounded by Rick Dudley and Scott Mellanby. In Tampa, Julien BriseBois asked Mathieu Darche to support him.

Even Chantal Machabée, vice-president of communications for the Canadiens, has assistants.

It’s normal. In this environment, the workload is so demanding. You must have allies on your side.

This is why I believe that if several candidates have impressed the selection committee, one of them will obtain the position of assistant to the general manager.

He will be assigned to other tasks, such as the management of the Laval Rocket, for example.

Jeff Gorton will also have to surround himself with people he trusts. In Montreal, with a French-speaking general manager at his side, the new vice-president of hockey operations finds himself in a very different world from what he experienced in New York or Boston.

But I am convinced that the adaptation will be done quickly.

Recruitment, the key

Once this process is complete, the Canadian will need a new list: that of candidates to succeed Trevor Timmins as director of recruitment.

It’s an important list, because the most crucial period for the team this year is likely to be the draft.

It will take someone who knows the needs of the Canadian well, but also junior-age players, those who are in American colleges, Europeans.

The CH can not be wrong again. Especially since it is almost guaranteed to be among the first three clubs to select a player.

Maybe even the first. From the way the team threw in the towel, I feel that’s what the leaders want.

No belief

We only have to look at the last two games, against the Bruins and the Blackhawks. The players showed no conviction. They are waiting for next year. They are not devoted or playful, they no longer have a grudge.

Since the Canadiens started playing again on Wednesday, the player receiving the most praise is Michael Pezzetta. It’s not normal.

It’s also not normal to end up behind the Coyotes and the Kraken.

Seattle, an expansion team, has won three more than Montreal…

What transparency?

Supporters aren’t just waiting to hear the identity of the next chief executive and his deputies. They also want to hear from the players.

What’s happening to Carey Price, to Brendan Gallagher? When will they come back? We do not know.

The Canadian had promised more transparency. But for the moment, we are not more aware of what is happening.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the setbacks of the CH, head coach Dominique Ducharme, must not feel good about himself.

Every day he faces difficulties. But he has little reason to rejoice. His club suffered defeat after defeat.

Ducharme knows that it is Gorton who has control over what happens next. But since we don’t know anything, we also don’t know if he has discussions with him.

It is cruel for the “coach”.

Interview by Jessica Lapinski

A simple courtesy meeting

The CEO will have to surround himself well

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

Minister Eric Girard

I was thrilled when I heard Finance Minister Eric Girard would be meeting with Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Reading the conclusions of their meeting, however, I deduce that it was a simple courtesy meeting. There was nothing conclusive.

I have long been optimistic. I believed in the return of a team to Quebec. But my enthusiasm waned over the years.

Since the Nordiques left, there has always been talk of a dialogue with Quebec, but there have never been any concrete positions taken by the league.

On the corner of the table

Especially since Houston is becoming an increasingly possible destination for an NHL club. Will it be through expansion or relocation? There are the Coyotes who struggle year after year in Arizona.

If the Quebec file is not closed, it is on the corner of a table. Bettman does not want to displease anyone, he will not make positive or negative statements. He will just move on.

But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, there are things that are more important to him right now.