The CAQ promises $235 million for the hospital at home

For a third consecutive day, François Legault put forward another proposal from Christian Dubé’s “health plan”: transfer patients whose condition allows it from the hospital to the house, to continue to receive care there. . The CAQ would devote $235 million to it.

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During a press briefing in front of the Cité de la Santé in Laval, the chief caquist presented this proposal as “an innovative way of caring for patients”.

Concretely, patients whose state of health no longer necessarily requires hospitalization could, on a voluntary basis, be sent home to be monitored virtually or in person by a team of caregivers, as the case may be.

This service would first be offered in the greater regions of Quebec and Montreal, where the first five home hospitalization units would be deployed by the end of 2023.

This offer would eventually be rolled out across Quebec by 2026.

More details to come…


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