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The CAQ plays big so that we forget its worst week

Have you ever played poker?

You know when you’ve lost a few hands in a row, and you decide to force fate by going “all in”?

Well, that’s what François Legault has just done.

He tried to forget the worst week his government has had since his election on October 18, 2018 by betting all his chips on the reopening of schools.


By doing this, Mr. Legault is playing big.

Very big.

Because it would be enough for the cases of COVID to explode (and for the schools to be forced to close their doors again) for the government to lose more points in the polls.

Because if there’s anything parents hate more than seeing their kids glued to a computer screen for six hours a day, it’s playing yo-yo.

Confine, deconfine.

Go to school, stay home.

At some point, can we make a decision and stick to it?

Under pressure from parents who are tired of seeing their little darlings disturb their Zoom meetings, and from pediatricians who keep announcing a pandemic of nervous breakdowns among children in Quebec, Mr. Legault has decided to see the glass half full instead. only half empty.

And to return the children to school… even if the number of hospitalizations reaches a record level, and that the health system is considering adding a fifth level of reduction in operations to accommodate patients who have had the wonderful idea not to get vaccinated.

Is Monsieur Legault right to be so optimistic?

The future will tell. And pretty quickly, thank you.

Still, it was quite surreal to hear our PM tell us in the same sentence 1) that Quebec will probably have the worst weekend in the history of the pandemic, and 2) that despite this, it will open schools Monday !

Quebecers, get ready for the worst, it’s going to be terrible on Saturday and Sunday.

But Monday, everything is going to be beautiful!

Uh… Excuse me?

Of kesse?


If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that what happens in Europe happens here a few weeks later.

However, in France, these days, we are witnessing an outbreak of cases in schools.

So much so that the teachers, overwhelmed and exhausted, decided to go on strike!

The France Inter radio station published testimonials from teachers on its website this week.

Here are excerpts from the messages that can be read there.

“A third of the students in my class have COVID. »

“20% of my students are absent. »

“The government is letting the epidemic slip away at school. »

“Parents of students are hospitalized because they caught COVID from their children who caught it at school…”

“Since the start of the school year after the holidays, we have seen between 10 and 20 cases of COVID a day at the school where I work…”

“There are so many absent students that it is difficult to follow up…”

Reassuring, right?

Let’s hope – for him and for us – that Mr. Legault has good cards in his game.