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The CAQ has the art of doing things backwards

The art of doing things backwards.

The Legault government released nuclear weapons on Tuesday by proposing a very controversial vaccine tax.

Two days later, there is another turn of the screw much more realistic and achievable to convince the last holdouts to roll their sleeve.

Extending the vaccination passport, we had been talking about it for weeks.

This will undoubtedly “piss off” the unvaccinated while avoiding a psychodrama like the one that the government is surprised to have created with its tax on non-vax.

Debate needed

To increase the vaccination rate, already one of the highest in the world, Quebec had other tools at its disposal.

At least there will be a hopefully serious public debate on the issue.

This tax is too serious an attack on freedoms to do without in-depth reflection.

There are limits to be governed by decree.

The docility of Quebecers also has its limits. The December 30 press conference, which brought us back to the start of the pandemic, with its businesses closed on Sundays, the ban on all indoor gatherings and its curfew, went awry for many reasonable Quebecers who are expect a clear explanation of the impact their sacrifices will have after 22 months of crisis.

The most liberticidal measures employed by Quebec tend more and more to resemble immense tree trunks which hide the forest.

What about this forest?


Vaccination in children which was delayed, as was the third dose. Two things the government controls.

What about our health care system, which cracks at the slightest opportunity? He was sick long before this pandemic.

The inability of Quebec, too, to impose vaccination on government employees.

Will the game be worth the candle in the case of the vaccine tax? Its implementation will require a lot of state resources and time for our parliamentarians.

Unless the few thousand first doses obtained under this threat justify dropping it in a few weeks?