The CAQ attacks Duhaime in an advertisement

A CAQ advertisement inviting citizens of the Quebec region to vote in advance on Sunday and Monday calls into question Éric Duhaime’s sense of responsibility and calls for the Conservatives to be blocked.

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“Voting is like paying your taxes: it’s a civic duty, can we read on the advertisement. The best way to block Eric Duhaime’s Conservative Party is to support the best team in the Quebec region, that of the CAQ.

“Make your voice heard by voting early Sunday and Monday,” the message concludes.

The CAQ attacks Duhaime in an advertisement

According to polls, the PCQ is the main opponent of François Legault’s party in the Quebec region, with 25% of the voting intentions.

On the first day of the campaign, Éric Duhaime also confided that his objective was to get 30% of the votes in the region to “enter the paying zone” and in the hope of “passing the scratch” in the crown. north of Quebec.

The advertisement refers to the fact that the Conservative leader failed to pay his municipal taxes for two years for one of his properties in Quebec City. During this period, he would have received 14 notices of default.

The Journal revealed two weeks ago that Éric Duhaime was threatened with having two buildings seized for non-payment of municipal taxes to the City of Quebec, with overdue accounts totaling more than $14,000.

The Conservative leader received at least 14 notices of non-payment of municipal taxes from his properties in Quebec, and was dragged into court and subject to a seizure by bailiff for unpaid school taxes.

After the publication of the information on his outstanding taxes, Éric Duhaime paid off his debt.


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