The Canadian International Air Show suspended due to weather conditions

Organizers of the Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) in Toronto say weather conditions are forcing them to suspend the show on Sunday afternoon.

That morning, CIAS posted on social media that low cloud cover and weather conditions were being assessed to determine if they met minimum safety requirements.

He then decided to go ahead with performances that met those safety requirements, but warned: “Our schedule will be very fluid today as the weather is changing minute by minute.”

The ICSW announced shortly after that the CH-146 Griffon would not perform on Sunday and the CC-130J Hercules returned to CFB Trenton due to weather conditions.

In a statement, shared in the afternoon, ICAS wrote in part: “Due to the current weather conditions, we have suspended the show for the safety of our artists, teams and spectators”, adding: “The weather conditions should improve soon.”

At 1:30 p.m., organizers announced that the show would remain suspended.


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