The Canadian can’t be wrong

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the National League draft, which begins Thursday in Montreal. The Canadian has several choices, which makes supporters optimistic. But the leaders will not have the right to make mistakes with their first selection.

Shane Wright? Juraj Slafkovsky? The question divides fans. The organization is aware that it cannot be wrong. We cannot relive the 1980 saga, at the end of which the CH had set its sights on Doug Wickenheiser rather than Denis Savard…

This draft is too important for the organization. For the present, of course, but above all for its future.

Four Quebecers?

The Canadian has 14 picks in the next draft. With these, I expect them to select at least three, possibly four, Quebec players.

I think the new management is well aware of the expectations of its supporters, which was not necessarily always the case in the past.

In recent years, the organization has neglected the Quebec factor, drafting very little. Today, she suffered the repercussions. Quebecers must feel appreciated by the Canadian.

The days of July 7 and 8 will be watched with great attention by Montreal fans. We are talking about reconstruction, even if it is a word that the CH refuses to use, because we still do not know Carey Price’s decision.

I still believe that the direction the organization takes will be dictated by the choice Price makes about whether or not to continue his career. According to this, we will know next year where the Canadian will be.

But in general, the team is going in the right direction. We have to trust the new management. She knows what she is doing and I believe it will yield positive results.

Surprise coaches

Another point that caught my attention in the last few days was the surprising signings in Detroit and Boston.

The Red Wings have hired Jon Cooper’s assistant in Tampa Bay Derek Lalonde. Will this become a new trend? The Stanley Cup final pitted Cooper against Jared Bednar. Two good complete coaches, who have a good command of communication and the psychological aspect.

General manager Steve Yzerman, who held the same position for several seasons in Tampa, seems to know Lalonde well. But this choice remains a surprise.

The Bruins have opted for Montrealer Jim Montgomery. A man who, when he was with the Dallas Stars, quit to cure his alcoholism. He was a very good coach in Texas and in Boston, they trust him.

Too bad for Pascal Vincent

The Winnipeg Jets were also looking for a head coach to replace Dave Lowry. They would have liked Barry Trotz to join their organization, but he chose to take a year off.

They ultimately settled on Rick Bowness. It’s a homecoming for an old-timer, who had with the first version of the Jets, in the 1980s.

I don’t know if it’s a good decision. He is not getting any younger. Just like in the case of John Tortorella in Philadelphia. It’s a youth league, it takes young coaches.

It’s also a shame for Quebecer Pascal Vincent, a good coach who deserves his chance in the NHL. He’s perhaps the Jets’ best friend: he was an assistant in Winnipeg for five years before leading their American League affiliate, the Manitoba Moose, for another five years.

– Interview by Jessica Lapinski

Echoes of Bergie

The Canadian would be interested in Pierre-Luc Dubois


Archive photo, Martin Chevalier

I saw this week that the Canadian would be interested in the services of Pierre-Luc Dubois. That would be a nice acquisition. Dubois is a big center player, who has a little more experience than the young players of CH.

This year, the Quebecer had a good season with the Winnipeg Jets. At just 24, he scored 28 goals.

It is sure that the price to pay will be enormous if Montreal wants to make its acquisition. Winnipeg will not give gifts. But as an established center player, he would be perfect for CH.

I believe that Patrick Roy will stay

It’s Monday that we should know if Patrick Roy will remain head coach and general manager of the Remparts. Me, I have the feeling that he will stay.

I am told that the Remparts will not lose many players next season. It was Patrick who built that team. I think he’s going to want to see it through, win a championship.

I am not in the secret of the gods. But Patrick is well surrounded in Quebec, in particular by Jaques Tanguay.

Congratulations to the Sea Dogs!

Congratulations to the Saint-Jean Sea Dogs, Memorial Cup champions. Another flagship of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

I know the Shawinigan Cataractes are bitterly disappointed, but unfortunately that’s part of the game.

With a case like that of the Sea Dogs, who were eliminated in the first round of the QMJHL playoffs, we see that the best preparation for a « series » as important as the Memorial Cup tournament is rest.


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