The boil water advisory that affected 75,000 people is lifted


By Stephanie MacFarlane

The boil water advisory that was issued on Wednesday has just been lifted by the City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Residents of the Saint-Jean, L’Acadie and Saint-Luc sectors, including Île Sainte-Thérèse, no longer need to boil their water at a rolling boil for one minute before consuming it.

According to government standards, two sets of tests, carried out 24 hours apart, must prove negative to lift a boil water advisory. The results received today (Friday) meet this criterion. The City was therefore able to lift its boil water advisory.

The citizens concerned are however invited to take certain precautions. It is recommended to run water from all cold water taps for a few minutes and to purge outside taps.

Those who have an ice machine must empty it, wash it and disinfect it. As for individuals who have a water treatment device, they are invited to check the measures to be taken with the manufacturer.

On Wednesday, coliforms had been detected during routine tests. This had forced the City to issue a boil water advisory for the entire west bank of the Richelieu River. In addition to residences, the boil water advisory also affected residential centers for seniors, the Haut-Richelieu Hospital, businesses and industries, in particular. Approximately 75,000 citizens were affected by this situation.


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