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The beautiful bullshit of Novak Djokovic

What a disappointment to see a sport icon, a great champion, behave like an irresponsible and pretentious fool! This is the sad image returned to us by tennis player Novak Djokovic with his entry into Australia.

The unvaccinated athlete really has no business in another country at this point in the pandemic. When visiting a country, you should always obey local laws and rules. This is even more true when it comes to health and when we are faced with a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives.

Djokovic’s attitude is hateful in several ways. First, we feel that from the height of his elite tennis status, he is pretending that everything is correct on his side. He takes on the flabbergasted look of the guy the police are arresting and who doesn’t even understand what’s going on.

However, he knows very well that his whole business is very shaky. His attitude above everything, above the law and above other citizens stinks to the nose to the highest point. But his attitude of the type who doesn’t understand what’s going on pisses me off even more.

To sleep standing up

Nothing stands in its history. First, trying to pretend an exemption from being vaccinated because he contracted COVID-19 in December does not answer the real question. At best, this could give him a special right of entry at the Australian border. But the leaders of the Australian Open had been clear: participating players had to be vaccinated.

Moreover, his entire explanation of the vaccine does not hold water. He says he refuses to publicly mention whether he is vaccinated or not to avoid being associated with one of the groups: pro-vaccines and anti-vaccines.

Beautiful bullshit. There are not two groups. A virus strikes, medical research can develop a vaccine to protect the population. So the authorities are asking the population to be vaccinated. The vaccinated are not a militant group. They make the sensible gesture that is scientifically explained to them and rationally demonstrated. Those who refuse and hold themselves up are “anti” militants.

We fully understand the blatant lie of friend Novak. He refuses the vaccine, but invents this porridge as an explanation to avoid the shame of being associated with conspirators or all the hazy theories that lead to fear of the vaccine.


Obviously, lying on such a large scale is a big deal. The threads end up tangling. This is what happened to the famous tennis player. To prevent him from being deported from Australia, his lawyers insisted that he contracted COVID last December, specifying a date: the 16th.

It didn’t take long for photos to be found of a public event held on December 17 in which Djokovic was attending … with COVID … without even a mask. The guy so important he can give a damn about other people.