The astronomical cost of the Borne government

41 ministers, 565 advisers and 2,257 support staff for a total sum of 174 million euros: this is what the Borne government has cost since it took office. Or 4.3% more compared to the Castex government. This is revealed by the former socialist deputy René Dosière in an annual report. The president of the Observatory of Public Ethics (OEP) closely scrutinized the appendix to the 2023 finance bill which details the staffing and remuneration of ministerial cabinets. And the result is clear: its astronomical cost makes the Borne government the most expensive of the 43 governments that made up the Fifth Republic.

This document, called the « budgetary yellow », details the remuneration of the 41 ministers and 565 advisers who make up the government team. To this must also be added those of the 2,257 support staff attached to each ministry (secretaries, ushers, etc.). René Dosière believes that these salaries are particularly high. For example, in 2022, the average monthly salary of a ministerial cabinet member under the current team increased by 3.3% compared to last year, according to its analyzes.

Lack of transparency on the allocation of bonuses.

Specialist in the lifestyle of the State, René Dosière carries out each year a concise analysis of the yellow budget. For the year 2022, he denounces a lack of transparency on the distribution of bonuses to ministerial advisers from the administration. These special hardship allowances (ISP), the amount of which is set « intuitupersonae », that is to say according to the person, reveal many inequalities that exist between the different ministries. It should be noted that these bonuses are awarded by decision of the ministers themselves. Thus, 20% of advisers would be better paid than their minister, according to the president of the OEP. A situation strange enough for the Court of Auditors to look into the subject.


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