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The anti-tax tax will not solve anything

We’re all sick of this damn pandemic. We would like to find the miracle recipe so that we can find a “normal” life.

Quebecers have made their war effort. We went to get our two doses and we are having our third dose.

To create a diversion following the departure of Horacio Arruda, François Legault launched the anti-tax tax.

I am totally against this idea, because it will have no immediate effects and it will not allow vaccinated Quebecers to deconfin themselves.

Decrease grumbling

The Prime Minister is aware that discontent has increased among the population since the announcement of the return of the curfew and other measures on December 30.

In a recent Léger poll, we saw that the approval rate for sanitary measures is dropping.

By launching this idea of ​​an anti-tax tax, Mr. Legault channels the hatred of the vaccinated towards the unvaccinated and refuses to face the structural problems in the health network.

When you look at the situation in hospitals, you have to look at the figures carefully.

Even if 100% of Quebecers were adequately vaccinated, our hospitals would be overwhelmed, thousands of nurses would still be on sick leave and Quebecers would still be confined.

Energy in the right place

The machinery of government will spend a lot of time planning this tax. In addition, do we want a society where our health records are shared with officials from Revenu Quebec?

I do not think so.

Mr. Legault and his ministers must put their energies in the right place.

The government should work to resolve the situation in the health network by recruiting nurses abroad on a massive scale, as Ontario is doing.

A simplistic solution like the anti-tax tax to a complex problem like the pandemic, that won’t work.

Hoping that Mr. Legault is aware.