The 5 coldest places in Europe – POLITICO

Do you feel the heat? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

As Belgium bakes, France frys and Spain sizzles in a record-breaking heatwave, here’s a look at Europe today the coldest tasks.

With temperatures recorded above 40 degrees Celsius in Western Europe, we recommend heading to the far north, either uphill or into the inner sanctuary of Palazzo Chigi.

Here’s POLITICO’s travel guide to staying cool as the mercury soars.

East Fjords, Iceland

The Icelandic ring road is one of the most scenic roads in Europe – and the eastern coast is currently experiencing temperatures of around 3°C.

The population of the entire eastern region of Iceland is only around 13,000, so there’s no need to worry about sweaty crowds either.

Mont Blanc, France

It might be hard to believe from your stuffy apartment in the city, but there is still snow on the roof of Europe in France.

Temperatures are below zero at the top of Mont Blanc, so grab your hiking boots and snow poles and drink in the cool, refreshing air of the Alps.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

Greenland is a great place to escape the heat, but the west coast capital of Nuuk – currently hovering around a balmy 11C – might not be suitable for sweat-soaked city dwellers.

But eastern Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the most remote settlements on the planet, is currently checking in at a cold 2C, which seems ideal.

And as climate change makes southern Europe more inhospitable, property developers may start looking to Greenland, like a controversial Manhattan tycoon.

Within the government of Mario Draghi, Italy

The Dolomites are cold, but they have nothing on Rome where the atmosphere is frankly freezing.

It has been a tough sled in recent weeks for Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who has tried unsuccessfully to maintain his coalition, where things have been frosty between the populist 5Stars, the centre-right Forza Italia and the right-wing League.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella coldly rejected Draghi’s exasperated offer to step down last week, leaving Italy in limbo.

Rishi Sunak’s Heart

It was a calculated but still risky gamble for the now former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer to stab his boss, Boris Johnson, in the back (well, front) in an effort to bring him down.

The first part worked perfectly, with Johnson announcing he was stepping down. Now Iceman Sunak must wait to see if he can become the next incumbent of 10 Downing Street.

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