The 3rd link is “incompatible” with the fight against climate change, according to federal Minister of the Environment Steven Guilbeault.

While he invites the next Quebec Minister of the Environment to accelerate his efforts on the subject of the climate crisis, Steven Guilbeault considers the third Quebec-Lévis link project “incompatible” with the fight against climate change.

“We cannot think that we can fight against climate change by increasing the road network”, affirmed Thursday morning the federal Minister of the Environment, a few hours before François Legault proceeds to the unveiling of the composition of his new Council. ministers.

Everything leads us to believe that Benoit Charette would keep the Environment portfolio, according to information from The Press.

Asked about his expectations regarding the next mandate of his Quebec counterpart, Mr. Guilbeault mentioned that priority must be given to public transport and the protection of the territory.

In his eyes, the highway tunnel project defended by the Coalition avenir Québec thus makes “no sense”.

“Clearly, for me, this is a project that is incompatible with the fight against climate change, which will lead to an increase in urban sprawl. Yes, we are moving more and more towards an increase in electric vehicles, but that in itself does not justify inviting urban sprawl,” he told The Canadian Press.

He recalled that the federal government still intends to carry out an environmental impact study when the project is presented to it.

The elected Liberal made these comments on the sidelines of an announcement in Montreal concerning the Trans Canada Trail. Ottawa is committed to contributing $55 million over five years to maintain, improve and develop the 28,000 kilometers that make up this network of recreational trails that crosses the country.

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