« That’s why I hate kids »

A social media watchdog perhaps summed it up best: « My parents would have thrown me out of the plane mid-flight. »

Wild footage of a little kid terrorizing a plane full of passengers is racking up millions of views – and sparking heated debate over how parents should have ‘handled’ the situation.

The now-viral footage was first posted to Reddit’s popular ‘Public Freakout’ section on Wednesday under the caption ‘Letting the kids go wild on an 8-hour flight’, garnering nearly 20,000 ‘upvotes’ and likes. comments such as « this should be a condom ad » and « that’s why I hate kids, especially this toddler age. »

The kick photo shows the pigtailed hell – ‘assumed to be from the US’ on an as-yet-unidentified airline – jumping energetically up and down on a tray table, visibly shaking the male passenger seated on the seat directly in front of her.

Although he seemed to maintain his patience with the – according to Reddit commenters – « little brat », outraged viewers did no such thing, giving heaps of parenting advice instead.

« I may be awful, but I never wanted a tray table to fail catastrophically like I did while watching this, » one annoyed commenter joked. « The poor guy in front. »

Another Reddit agitator chimed in, “I would NEVER allow any of my kids to upset anyone like this. Talking a little loud is one thing. Jumping your toddler on airplane seats while holding on to another person’s (strangers) chair is completely WRONG. I hope this man was reimbursed somehow. The parents probably didn’t see anything wrong with that. UNACCEPTABLE!!! »

One went straight to the parenting point: « I would feel like a failed parent if my kids did this and I allowed it right away », while others were more considered with in-flight hygiene standards: « The bouncing is obviously infuriating. but also bare feet on the set table… Always wipe your stations people.

Outraged viewers shared a slew of parenting tips in the now-viral video thread.

Meanwhile, some social media justice warriors tried to blame the rowdiness on the plane’s flight crew: « Shouldn’t the flight attendants have intervened? » one commenter asked. « If so, I hope the passenger got some compensation from the airline. »

Ironically, a flight attendant went viral this week by revealing who she and her colleagues consider to be the « most hated passengers » on flights: and it’s not the disruptive children.

In fact, it’s often the frustrated people complaining about these misbehaving kids that put the « ass » in « passenger, » according to Kat Kalamani, a six-year veteran of friendly skies.

Amid nonstop stories of nightmarish plane passengers, this former American flight attendant clears the air on which fliers are most annoying — which, contrary to popular belief, aren’t crying babies. Indeed, the passengers who irritate cabin crew the most are those who to complain about crying babies, she claimed in a clip with nearly 2 million views.

« I promise you, there’s nothing that annoys us more as flight attendants [than] when people complain that babies are crying,” Kalamani said. Accompanying footage shows an angry-looking ‘Karen’ on an undisclosed flight, silencing a baby throwing a tantrum off-screen.

While these passengers may consider themselves heroes of the flight, they actually annoy staff and fellow travelers, according to The Post’s previous coverage of his clip.

Instead of booing about bawling babies, Kalamani suggests disturbed passengers come prepared by bringing “noise-canceling headphones” — or perhaps (gasp) just “politely ask the parent if they need help.”


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