Texas bussed nearly 9,000 migrants to New NYC and DC as an affront to Biden’s immigration policies

In a statement Friday, Abbott’s office said Texas had transported more than 7,400 migrants to DC since April and more than 1,500 migrants to New York since August 5.

« The Bus Mission is bringing much-needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities, » the statement said. « Operation Lone Star continues to fill dangerous voids left by the Biden administration’s refusal to secure the border. »

A fierce critic of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, Abbott began sending hundreds of voluntary migrants on buses to DC earlier this year as an affront to the administration. Abbott’s office said that « to board a bus or flight, a migrant must volunteer to be transported and show DHS documentation. »

New York City received a record number of migrants this week and more buses are expected, a spokesperson for the mayor’s immigration office told CNN on Saturday.

Mayor Eric Adams and other city officials have previously accused Abbott’s administration of forcing asylum seekers onto buses bound for New York and failing to coordinate with officials in the city for the transfer of people. Earlier this month, city officials said reception centers have already been overwhelmed with more than 4,000 people since a surge that began in May.

« It’s unimaginable. Come to a country and your first visit here, someone kicks you out, like the governor of Texas does, and then tries to navigate this complex country to provide your services, » Adams said during the interview. independent press event earlier this month.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told CNN on Thursday that Abbott’s efforts to transport migrants to DC and New York throws the federal immigrant processing system « out of whack » and criticized the governor for not coordinating with federal authorities.

Mayorkas said it was « problematic » when an official like Abbott worked « unilaterally ».

“This lack of coordination causes problems in our highly effective treatment,” Mayorkas told CNN at Eagle Pass while at the US-Mexico border on Thursday, adding that it made DHS’s job « more difficult. »

Mayorkas criticized Abbott for not working with destination cities.

“These cities have certain capabilities,” he said. « They have infrastructure to meet the needs of migrants, and we have to calibrate the movement of people, based on their capacity and efficiency. And that’s not happening. »

Mayorkas said his department reached out to Abbott for better coordination, but Abbott did not respond.

CNN’s Rosa Flores, Rosalina Nieves and Ashley Killough contributed to this report.

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