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testing of a new weapon system for nuclear missiles

North Korea has test-fired a new weapons system that will increase the effectiveness of its tactical nuclear weapons, state media said late Saturday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un observed the test of the new tactical guided weapon that will increase long-range artillery firepower and improve “the operating efficiency of the DPRK’s tactical nuclear weapons (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and the diversification of their firepower missions,” the KCNA news agency said without specifying the exact date of this test firing.

No military parade, but still a threat

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un had overseen a huge parade of citizens on Friday to mark the 110th birthday of Kim Il-sung, his grandfather and founder of the country, according to footage released by state media. This ceremony took place without the traditional and impressive military parades that North Korea regularly offers.

The North Korean nuclear threat therefore seems more present than ever for the world, while the West has its eyes riveted on the war in Ukraine.