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Daria Kasatkina hit back in her spat with Russian state deputy Roman Teryushkov

Russian women’s tennis number one Daria Kasatkina has accused state deputy Roman Teryushkov of jealousy after he suggested her honorary master of sports award be stripped.

Kasatkina, who reached the semi-finals of the French Open this year in what was the 25-year-old’s best performance at a Grand Slam event to date, has been included in a list of stars in the Russian sports who have recently been honored for their achievements.

However, Kasatkina has drawn criticism in some quarters for suggesting she would consider changing her nationality if she was prevented from competing due to continued restrictions on Russian sport amid the conflict in Ukraine.

His new title doesn’t seem to sit well with Duma deputy Teryushkov, who has suggested that all applause directed at Kasatkina be rescinded.

« The order must be challenged by the prosecution, because it does not fall within the award criteriahe told Match TV of Kasatkina’s Honored Master of Sport.

He also claimed that he would formally appeal the decision after determining that it was made without « looking at the moral side of the issue.

However, Daria Kasatkina seemed to shed some light on the situation when she posted a comment to her social media followers.

« You just don’t have a medal, then you’re crazyshe said, sharing a story with Teryushkov’s comments.

Teryushkov has been particularly outspoken with his views since the conflict with Ukraine erupted.

The lawmaker has suggested that any Russian athlete who changes nationality to avoid sporting sanctions should be considered guilty of treason.

The Kremlin later said it would not support this type of thinking.

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Tennis star Kasatkina spends much of her time training outside of Russia and on the WTA Tour.

The Tolyatti-born star made headlines earlier when she announced she was gay. She also criticized the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

Currently ranked 11th in the world, Kasatkina has six WTA Tour titles to her name and was part of the Russian team that won the prestigious Billie Jean King Cup last year.

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