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Ten million $ more to treat drinking water in Saint-Tite

The city of Saint-Tite is faced with a very bad surprise, while the costs for upgrading its drinking water supply system are skyrocketing.

The city had estimated it would get away with $ 18 million. However, the only two bids received are around 28 million dollars, therefore 10 million dollars more.

“I am very surprised and not in a good way. I fell off my chair. Really, these are astronomical costs, ”Mayoress Annie Pronovost said in a dismal tone when she took note of the prices. This infrastructure work will be the most important ever to be carried out in the City.

They plan to build a new water intake, a treatment plant in addition to the restoration of the reservoir and the 44-meter dam that closes it. The water is drawn from Lake Éric.

This work has been in planning for ten years. The mayor believes that it is now necessary to bring the supply of drinking water up to standard, but while respecting the citizens’ ability to pay. At this price could the project be called into question? “In my opinion, we won’t have the choice to go ahead. We sent all this to Minister Sonia Lebel. ”

It should be noted that since 2014 Public Health has been demanding that measures be taken to improve the quality of drinking water in Saint-Tite. Two neighboring villages which draw part of their water there are partners in the project. The mayor of Saint-Séverin, Gérard Vandal, has also estimated that if it is the pandemic which is responsible for this inflation, it is that “the pandemic has a broad back”.