Temperature records are broken as winter cold hits Saskatchewan early.

Saskatchewan is experiencing its first breath of arctic air for winter, with four temperature records broken and another tied Thursday morning.

Nipawin fell to -29.9 C, beating its old record by a full degree. Outlook and Rosetown broke their old records by almost two degrees, hitting -26.3C and -29.0C respectively. Meanwhile, Kindersley hit a new daily low of -28.9C.

Saskatoon equaled its previous record of -28.9°C.

All previous records were set in 1945 or earlier, the oldest being Saskatoon, set in 1902.

Temperatures will still be freezing Friday morning, with wind chills feeling in the -30C range in central Saskatchewan. (WSI/CBC)

Similar cold weather is expected Thursday evening through Friday morning, with central Saskatchewan once again the hardest hit.

Overnight lows are forecast to drop to -25C to -30C. Wind chills will make conditions feel like -30s. Frostbite will be possible within minutes.

The cold is quite unusual for this time of year. The -18C high in Kindersley and Rosetown on Wednesday was nearly 20C below normal. Regina and Saskatoon were also around 15C below normal on Wednesday.

A trough in the upper atmosphere carrying arctic air, reinforced by intense high pressure at the surface, caused this cold snap.

The high will dissipate early Friday, just in time for a ridge in the upper atmosphere to set in, bringing slow but steady warming to the province.

upper atmosphere sask nov 10
A deep trough, bringing arctic air and unstable weather to Saskatchewan, will be pushed by a ridge building to the west. This should bring warmer weather next week. (WSI/CBC)

Temperatures could return to single digits by early next week, but that will be accompanied by cloudier conditions and possible light snowfall.


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