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Television.  The Star Ac’ continuously, the Unknowns who are reforming… Soon on TF1

Usually scheduled in September, the TF1 group’s major back-to-school conference took place this Thursday at midday in the auditorium of the famous 14-storey tower in Boulogne-Billancourt. Ara Aprikian, director of programs, Xavier Gandon, director of TV and digital antennas and Fabrice Bailly deputy director of programs for the TF1 group, presented an upcoming season “eventful and ambitious linked to a major digital transformation” with around twenty novelties in French fiction for the largest channel in Europe. Here’s everything you’ll be able to watch in 2022 and 2023.

MyTF1 opens at the cinema (and it will be free)

The MyTF1 video distribution platform continues to develop: in addition to replays, no less than 200 complete series will now be available for free. And soon, the AVoD offer, that is to say a non-paying content financed by advertising, has the ambition to present a hundred films this year. In addition, original productions geared towards the world of reality TV such as ”Carla and Kevin, the wedding” are in development.


-The most anticipated event of the year will be the return of the ”Star Academy”, 20 years later. The students will take over the famous castle of Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-et-Marne). Their adventures can be followed live and continuously on MyTF1. This dedicated stream will be supplemented by a daily program, broadcast around 5:50 p.m., and a large weekly evening, probably on Saturdays. All presented by the irremovable Nikos Aliagas. Just like back then!

The emblem of Star Academy. Photo archives TF1/SIPA/CHOGNARD

-In exclusivity, at least three appointments are unavoidable: a bonus event for the 20th anniversary of”a boy a girl” who made the good days, formerly, of France 2, and those of NRJ12 at the moment. The entertainment will consist of the best moments as well as sketches re-enacted by unexpected duos. Furthermore, if the return of the ”Palma show” will not be on the air before 2023, a unique bonus titled ”The Unknowns are reforming” be there soon ! It will be a new mini-fiction with the trio and the participation of guests who will replay their cult sketches.

-The new edition of ”NRJ Music awards” or the next Miss France election will also be back at the end of the year. But it will also be necessary to take into account the continuation of ”Mask Singer” and the arrival of two new investigators (Vitaa and Chantal Ladesou), that of ”Dance with the stars”that of ”The Voice kids” with two new jurors, Julien Doré and Louane. The new season of ”Koh Lanta” should not be broadcast before 2023. On the other hand, ”La grande encruste 2” with Camille Combal who slips into TF1 programs will soon be on the grid.

– Note that the tablet after 8 p.m. ”It’s Canteloup”, will be moderated by Hélène Mannarino after the departure of Alessandra Sublet.

Television.  The Star Ac’ continuously, the Unknowns who are reforming… Soon on TF1
Hélène Mannarino will be Nicolas Canteloup’s new accomplice. Photo SIPA/Laurent VU

-Programs derived from ”Daily” presented by the talk show columnists (Martin Weill, Étienne Carbonnier, etc.) continue to develop with new prime time numbers.

-Live shows will not be outdone with the broadcast of recordings or live shows: the tour of the stadiums ofIndochinathe new show of Jeff Panacloc but also, for the first time, a recording of a reading by Fabrice Luchini, entitled ”Fabrice Luchini asks for money” which will air on TMC. On the reality TV side, make way for a new franchise with ”The Battle of the Clans”a mix between reality TV and sitcom that will pit the JLC family against the Guedj family.

French TV movies

”Champion”a unit with Kendji Girac in his first role on screen, moving in the skin of an illiterate boxer.

-‘‘affected’‘, Alexandra Lamy’s first film as a director, in which her daughter Chloé Jouannet plays, about women victims of domestic violence who meet through fencing.

”In his hands”a fiction filmed in Annecy, in Haute-Savoie, with Natacha Lindinger, the famous “Sam” of TF1, which camps Clara, an unfaithful wife (and very naked according to the first images) harassed by her lover.

Television.  The Star Ac’ continuously, the Unknowns who are reforming… Soon on TF1
Natacha Lindinger will be the heroine of “Entre ses mains” but also in the casting of the new series by Kev Adams. Photo SIPA/SYSPEO

”The Daval mystery” with Liam Baty in the role of Jonathann and Michèle Bernier in the role of Alexia’s mother… This is the television adaptation of the book ”The Alexia Daval affair, the real story” by Laurent Briot and Christophe Dubois.

”The colossus with feet of clay”, which will mark the return of Eric Cantona in a big role: that of a former rugby player who will have to face reality: he was abused as a child. A shock fiction in view of the first images, with the luminous participation of Aure Atika.

French series

”E-syndrome”an adaptation of the novels by Haut-Savoyard Franck Thilliez in six episodes, with Vincent Elbaz and Emmanuelle Béart for her first role on television, but also several supporting roles played by personalities such as Berengère Krief and a revelation, Jennifer Becker, 39 years, straight from the Comédie Française.

”Toulouse Lautrec”the story of a high school like no other declined in a series of six episodes, with Rayan Bensetti and Valérie Karsenti.

”Aim for the heart” with Claire Keim as a police captain sharing a childhood secret with Lannick Gaudry, who has become a criminal lawyer. They haven’t spoken to each other for 20 years, but why? To discover over the six episodes.

”Addict” with Cécile Bois (the ”Candice Renoir” of France 2) in a sulphurous thriller in six episodes. The heroine has just moved with her family and meets Bruno (Sagamore Stévenin), a nice and considerate neighbor. But he will reveal his dark side.

”Hikers”a series in six episodes shot in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region telling the story of women more or less affected by cancer, with Camille Chamoux, Claire Borotra and Clémentine Célarié, who fought against cancer of the colon for two years.

Television.  The Star Ac’ continuously, the Unknowns who are reforming… Soon on TF1
Clémentine Célarié fought against colon cancer for two years. Photo AP/SIPA/Vianney LE CAER

International co-productions

-Among the nuggets to come, we note ”The forest of the disappeared” with Hélène de Fougerolles (in brunette!), ‘‘i3p’ with Marc Lavoine as a psychiatrist at the Paris police headquarters, or even ‘‘Cannes confidential’a very glamorous saga carried by Lucie Lucas, the heroine of ”Clem”, and Tabatha Marthe alias the singer Shym.

-Also note the arrival of”’@come” a series written and performed by Kev Adams, who will play the role of Eliott, a thirty-year-old who, following a computer bug, begins to communicate with the little boy he was 20 years earlier… Natacha Lindinger will also be there in the casting.

– But also the return of ”Red Wristbands” with a new generation of heroes.

– Fantastic side, place to fiction ”Prometheus”in line with the ”Twilight” saga, with Camille Lou and Odile Vuillemin.

-Finally, ”The fighters”, a fresco on the fate of four women with an XXL budget that illustrates TF1’s ambition in the field of French fiction. This is the same team as that of the ”Bazaar of Charity” -Julie de Bona, Camille Lou and the heroine of HPI Audrey Fleurot- with the arrival of a new girl, Sofia Essaidi, ex- ”Star Ac” candidate turned actress.

Television.  The Star Ac’ continuously, the Unknowns who are reforming… Soon on TF1
Audrey Fleurot, the heroine of HPI, will be in the cast of ”Combattantes”. Photo Agencepeps/SIPA/F.ANDRIEU

French and international cinema

-TF1 continues to offer a wide-ranging film offer, particularly for its Sunday evenings, with blockbusters such as ”Tenet” by Christopher Nolan ”Captain Marvel”, ”Jumanji next level”, ”Avengers endgame” or ”The Forgotten Prince” with Omar Sy.

foreign series

-The channel offers fewer American series, the studios also now having their own platforms, but TF1 has nevertheless purchased several new features, including ”Gossip Girls” new generation and hilarious comedy ”Ghosts” which will be programmed on TMC.

– On TF1, we will have many sequels: ”Grey’s Anatomy” (season 19!), but also ‘‘New York Organized Crime’ with the return of Elliot Stabler (”New York, special unit”) or even ”Just like that”, from ”Sex in the city”. Besides, we should have fun with ”The flight attendant” with ”Big Bang Theory” star Penny and the highly anticipated ”La brea”the story of an inexplicable chasm that mysteriously opens under a city.

The sport

-The group will broadcast the best posters of the Women’s Euro the best posters on TF1 and TMC, but also the matches of the Women’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, the Women’s Handball Euro and the world of their male counterparts which will take place in Poland, the 28 best matches of the Football World Cup in Qatar in November and December, and finally the matches of the Rugby World Cup in 2023, which TF1 has just acquired broadcasting rights.