Television Casimir is now an orphan dragon

From 1974 to 1987 on TF1, then as director of youth programs for France 2, Christophe Izard supported the development of programs aimed at young viewers. This was before the arrival of the Internet, multiple channels, replays and platforms… Television channels were then the essential vector for broadcasting entertainment programs for young people. It was he who notably launched the character of Casimir in the series « Children’s Island ».

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Casimir first appears on September 16, 1974

Funny friendly orange dragon, Casimir was created with the help of actor and puppeteer Yves Brunier who then did not hesitate to wear the costume… Casimir made his first appearance on the third color channel of the ORTF on September 16 1974 before ending up on TF1 which hosted the animal until June 30, 1982.

Christophe Izard, to whom we also owe the words of the credits of « Children’s Island » was at the origin of many other programs such as « Hi Mickeys, Wednesday visitors… ». On TF1 Dorothée took over from the privatization of the channel, but Christophe Izard, then at France Animation, signed several adventures such as « Albert the fifth musketeer, Robinson Sucroë, Ivanoé chevalier du Roi » etc.

Christophe Izard joined the ORTF in 1968

Young man, Christophe Izard did not immediately choose the small screen. He first studied law. Then he became a musician. It was in 1968 that he entered the ORTF for the first time with the mission of creating variety shows as they were then called. Several animators like Patrick Sabatier, Nicolas Hulot, Dorothée, or Arthur owe their television debut to him.

It was in New York that he developed a passion for youth programs. And that’s where the idea of ​​a giant puppet was born. Casimir, first baptized “Plocus”, and who could speak “Gloubigoulga” in the text, was green in color, before maturing and becoming so popular for years. Several generations of grown-up children are sad.


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