Television: Canada presented to young people

They are bombarded with images from the four corners of the planet, but do young people know everything that is possible to do, to live and the people that can be met right here on Canadian soil? Here are five TV and web events that showcase Canada’s strengths.

Butterfly Effect

Why wait until you’re retired to realize your wildest dreams? And why would you want to travel the world at all costs in order to achieve this? In the company of three young and active friends, we travel across Canada from east to west, and from north to south. With them, the possibilities seem endless when it comes time to push boundaries, try new activities or meet inspiring people. Our country proves that it can be the scene of all adventures.

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A children’s TV magazine which still has its raison d’être, which knows how to renew itself and which does not lack inspiration after 20 years, it does not run the streets. Broadcast for Francophones across Canada, this production focuses on the DNA of a generation that is ready to take its place, but which feels the need to satisfy its curiosity by exploring various subjects in depth. Here, it is not the places that are in the spotlight, but rather the people, with their aspirations and their questions.

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Full speed ahead

There is nothing better than learning while having fun. If young people are entertained by a program, they will enrich their knowledge. That’s what they can do by letting themselves be carried away by following a real rally on rails where pairs formed by a parent and a child must solve puzzles, meet challenges and overcome tests. Their playground: Canada. Hosted by Marianne Verville, the show’s fifth season continues to unveil the charms of our vast territory.

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Doc Canada

The subjects may seem dry, but the humor is responsible for making 20 capsules filled with relevant information accessible. A few years ago, when our country was celebrating its 150th anniversary, Mathieu St-Onge took pleasure in revisiting the history of Canada by lending his features to a professor wishing to talk about the colonialist conflict, the declaration of independence and the our Constitution, among others. To address teenagers, he bet on metaphors, anecdotes and a dynamic formula that could inspire some teachers in the preparation of their lessons.

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We 2 Canada!

Pascal Morrissette and Julie Ringuette maintain a special bond with young people. They know how to approach them and interest them. Although this production that the lovers shot is not specifically intended for a teenage audience, the out-of-the-ordinary moments it contains can certainly change the vision that some young people have of the Canadian provinces. Like every time we see the couple on screen, their enthusiasm is contagious…both on the ground and in the air.

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