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“Teens and anxious”: a luminous documentary series

Outraged to see general practitioners almost systematically prescribing anxiolytics to young people who come to their office with symptoms of anxiety, Dr.D Banafcheh Hejazi wants to turn things around with theater workshops.

By combining art and science, the family doctor tries to demonstrate, in this six-part documentary series, that there are other avenues to treat anxiety, including gambling. With her longtime friend, actor Patrick Labbé, DD Hejazi follows nine young people between the ages of 12 and 19 struggling with an acute anxiety disorder and is interested in their story.

“[Au fil des épisodes]we try to understand what triggers their anxiety, we try to understand their previous background and above all we try to see what the theater can bring to these young people, “explained Patrick Labbé in an interview with the QMI Agency.

Serving above all to provide tools, such as breathing techniques, the theater is incidental in this quest. The goal is not to put on a play, but rather to channel and appease young people in a safe environment, specified the actor who founded the “Base Camp” a quarter of a century ago, a specialized holiday for teens interested in film and the performing arts.

Moreover, because of his camp, the documentary project was for him like second nature, although his role as mentor was somewhat destabilizing at the beginning of the experience.

“I found myself in front of a camera without having a role definition, without having a text to learn. It made me anxious. It was not easy at the beginning, but as the filming was done, I managed to understand a little more what I was able to serve and how I could contribute positively to the journey of young people. he confided.

“Teens and anxious”: a luminous documentary series


A striking yet luminous series

Divided into six one-hour episodes, the series is gripping. It leaves room for poignant confidences on the part of the teenagers who take part in the project. However, it emanates a lot of beauty, light and frankness.

It also helps to understand anxiety disorders and to tame them by dropping taboos. “Anxiety isn’t just negative. There is another way to see it, to approach it and this anxiety can be a driving force, a motivator, ”recalled Patrick Labbé, who also experienced anxious episodes as a teenager.

Produced by Fata Morgana (Yves Bisaillon) in collaboration with Quebecor Content, Teens and anxious settles on MOI ET CIE from April 25, 9 p.m.

Registrations to participate in the Base Camp are open. To register, visit