Technoblade, Minecraft YouTuber watched by millions, dead at 23

In a YouTube video titled « So long nerds, » the content creator’s father shared a final message from his son with his followers.

“Hello everyone, Technoblade here,” the message began. « If you look at this. I’m dead. »

In the video, Technoblade, who kept his identity a secret, revealed his real name was Alex. He also thanked fans for supporting his content, buying merchandise and subscribing to channels and joked that his siblings were « going to college ».

“If I had a hundred more lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every time, because those were the happiest years of my life. I hope you enjoyed my content and that I makes some of you laugh and I hope you all go on to live long, prosperous and happy lives. »

In just under a decade, Technoblade amassed nearly 11 million YouTube subscribers and 3.7 million Twitter followers as he shared his passion for Minecraft, a video game where users can create virtual worlds from blocks and create their own scenarios. He went public with his cancer diagnosis in August 2021, telling his followers during a video of himself playing the game that he sought medical help after experiencing arm pain he initially believed be a repetitive stress injury from gambling.

According to his father, Technoblade wrote his last message approximately eight hours before his death. Fighting back tears, Technoblade’s father described his son as « the most amazing kid » anyone could dream of, adding, « I miss Technoblade. »

The video, which has been viewed more than 19 million times, ended with a statement from the Technoblade family, which read: « This past year has seen a lot of tough times for our son as he battled a stage four cancer. But he didn’t complain, and continued to use his famous strategic mind to try to beat what he knew were near impossible odds. My son’s bravery on this path has been a brilliant lesson for all of us who have had the privilege of walking it with him. Thank you for sharing his journey through it all as he did the work he loved for his beloved fans. »

Social media was flooded with tributes from fans, celebrities and other players.

YouTuber Ted Nivison remembers him as, « Effortlessly funny. Infinitely talented. Gone too soon. Rest easy, Technoblade. »

TommyInnit, another popular YouTuber, wrote on Twitter: « Technoblade is a f**king legend. From being a huge fan to one of his true friends, I can’t describe how grateful I am to to have been in his life. I just know he’s strategizing in heaven on how to beat God. »

In a statement sent to CNN, the Sarcoma Foundation of America paid tribute to Technoblade, sharing « deepest condolences to his family. »

Brandi Felser, CEO of the charity, said in the statement: « Technoblade has rallied its supporters to raise over $500,000 to date in support of sarcoma research. This has enabled the SFA to awarding research grants on behalf of Technoblade. Through these efforts, he leaves a legacy that will impact generations. »

Felser said Technoblade will be recognized with the organization’s Courage Award, an annual honor given to people who inspire others « to create hope and a better life for the sarcoma community » later this year.

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