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Tax the unvaccinated? Yes and quickly !!!

Let’s keep it as simple as possible so that everyone understands.

“There, it is sure that we will lose the world,” said the president of the Council for the protection of patients.

Losing “some people” means that “some people” will die.

“It’s a fight against time. It’s a tragedy because we know that cancer is progressing. The wait generates more important therapies to heal, and you lose your chances of recovery, ”says the president of oncologists.

“It can’t be harder than it is now,” says the president of orthopedics.

Citizens ?

What interest do they have in not telling the truth? Any.

Why are they so alarmed? Because the hospitals are overflowing.

Who makes them overflow? The unvaccinated … treated at the expense of the vaccinated.

Two weeks ago, the 10% unvaccinated accounted for 50% of hospitalizations … before the impact of the Christmas gatherings was fully felt.

Should we, under these circumstances, tighten the screw on the unvaccinated? ABSOUTELY.

We triturated our guts a lot when the French President, Emmanuel Macron, said his intention to “piss off” the unvaccinated.

We should have listened to the rest of his remarks more.

“When my freedom threatens the freedom of others, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen. ”

The citizen is in fact someone who signs an implicit social contract: he is recognized with rights that come with responsibilities, in particular respect for the right of others to their freedom and security.

Society is not a buffet in which you choose what you want and then leave without paying.

Is this red light bothering me? Am I going to invoke “my freedom”?

Would taxing the unvaccinated be legal? Very probably. Mandatory vaccination is already permitted by Quebec law.

Could a recalcitrant invoke the Charter of Rights?

The government could invoke the “real and urgent” nature of the situation.

Apart from being bombed, I hardly see what could be more exceptional than what we are experiencing.

The tax should also be accompanied by the obligation of the vaccination passport to enter all non-essential businesses.

Many are shocked to see the government act by decree. This is the case everywhere.

Many question the effectiveness of the tax by wanting evidence. There are none so much the situation is unprecedented.

Many fear that these measures will permanently reduce our freedoms. Unlikely.

Far more draconian measures were imposed during the wars, and democracy regained its full rights when things returned to normal.

Quick !

The Legault government must see that the ice is starting to crack under its skates.

It is painful to be called for solidarity under the mocking laughter of those who think only of themselves.

The government must not hesitate. When the fire is caught, we do not create a committee to analyze the ideal size of the guts.

Tax the unvaccinated? Yes and quickly.