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Tax antivax: all against the CAQ

I am tempted to use the title of my column from last Monday, ” 1-0 for non-vaccinated “, But by modifying it as follows:” 2-0 for the unvaccinated “.

The anti-tax health tax unleashes passions. However, at this stage of the pandemic, passions by definition irrational are the carriers of mental disturbances, social anxieties, collective discouragement and cookie-cutter declarations.

All this is predictable on the part of the opposition parties, who take advantage of their political virginity due to their current lack of power which arises from the exercise of the current policy by decree of the Legault government.

It should be noted that this way of currently exercising power is practiced in many democracies. Because we are at war with an enemy that is difficult to pin down.


The unvaccinated are therefore right to rejoice. All the opposition parties are their allies and they get along without even consulting each other. Dominique Anglade, the head of the PLQ, considers that other means could have been used. The parliamentary leader of the PQ, Joël Arseneau, calls for a parliamentary committee to debate the issue. However, faced with the current load shedding in hospitals resulting from the high proportion of non-vaccinated hospitalized people, we have plenty of time, to be sure, to discuss in the National Assembly.

As for Vincent Marissal, spokesperson for QS in matters of health, he strongly hopes that the ministers of Health and Finance will give members of Parliament more details on the “health contribution”. And according to The duty, he added in his populist language of ex-journalist: “The government cannot write public policies like that, on a napkin, between coffee and dessert ”.

The anti-vaccine tax would be, in the eyes of groups of doctors with a left-wing sensitivity, a step towards the dismantling of our public system. For other opponents, the curfew is liberticidal. In short, the unvaccinated, dark soldiers, in defense of their personal freedom, succeed in obtaining the support of all those whom Quebec counts as defenders, of the extreme left and the extreme right. From wokism activists to fascist movements, including all opposition parties. A feat never before equaled.

Common front

We could add that only the bill on the right to die with dignity has succeeded in gaining unanimity in Quebec. However, in this tragic and unique period that we are going through, we would like to form a common front.

The current terrible downsizing in hospitals condemns patients suffering from cancer or other serious illnesses to wait weeks, sometimes months, to receive treatment. This means that their risk of dying is greatly increased. How can we remain indifferent to the fact that they are dying?

Nobody, except anarchists of all stripes, wants the collapse of our institutions. The government must be criticized. We have to question decisions that we feel have been improvised. But it is embarrassing, even scandalous, that partisan politics and a warlike ideology form an alliance against the Legault government, whose current role no one envies and for which many citizens empathize in these hard times.