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Tanya Bossy’s letter to the Islanders

The day after Mike Bossy was honored by the New York Islanders, his daughter Tanya wrote a letter to the organization on Wednesday expressing her gratitude and the comfort her family felt. on the sidelines of the match held at the UBS Arena.

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Here is the full text of which the TVA Sports channel obtained a copy in the morning:

“My dad would have been a little surprised to see me at UBS Arena last night. I never liked the attention, the spotlight, the cameras and the noise.

I grew up on Long Island and used to go watch my dad play hockey at the Nassau Coliseum. I was a little girl at the time. What I remember most are those cute outfits my mom bought for the occasion, the junk food in the box, and the confetti paper we were going to throw on the ice for a team goal. Unfortunately, I was too young to see what an excellent hockey player my father was. It wasn’t until we came back in 1992, for the retirement of number 22, that I heard the crowd chanting his name, BOSSY, BOSSY, BOSSY.

I still have butterflies in my stomach when I think of that moment. It was invaluable. It was only there that I understood how my father was a great hockey player. Probably because it was the only time my father not only accepted but also greatly appreciated being addressed by the name BOSSY… he always preferred Mike…

Tanya Bossy’s letter to the Islanders

What you gave my dad yesterday was amazing and I wanted his precious granddaughters to have the same butterflies I had in 1992, the same butterflies I felt deep in my stomach last night.

My father’s only wish for his family was to be happy and healthy. If we were happy, so was he. My father was not a complicated man and I will greatly miss his simplicity. Yesterday I felt sad, but also happy. There was a lot of that. You have all brought me back to a reassuring state during these difficult times.

My daughters and I are filled with sadness at the passing of my father, but we are also filled now with the energy you have instilled in our family, and especially, in our father. He must have loved watching you clap and chant his name. Yesterday you filled us with so much pride. My dad was a terrific player, but first and foremost he was a fantastic father, grandfather, friend, colleague and husband.

This morning I woke up without words.

As I return home, and even though my father will no longer be there to greet me and wait for me at the airport as he normally would have done, I will always remember your voices chanting his name.

I’m left with only four words in mind: I love you, Islanders.

Thank you for your hospitality and warm welcome. A very special thank you to the Islanders organization who planned my arrival and my stay with class. Thanks to you, the fans, for making me feel at home and bringing me a little closer to my father.

Stay healthy and safe. Never forget Mike, he will never forget you.

Tanya Bossy