sweet foray into the world of female masturbation


Magical for the pleasures they give us, certainly, but also magical because they connect us to our most absolute intimacy. Alas, if female masturbation is the most natural thing in the world, talking about it openly is, let’s face it, still at least « a little » taboo. And it is here that the animated documentary series MAGIC CARESSES works wonders, both in its spontaneous and sincere stories and in its evocative and colorful animations.

The series offers five four-minute episodes, five opportunities to realize that we are not alone. We are not alone in practicing masturbation, of course, but also in asking ourselves all sorts of questions.

Filmmaker Lori Malépart-Traversy – who is also behind the popular film Le clitoris – bases her creativity on the books designed and directed by Sarah Gagnon-Piché and Sara Hébert. A happy encounter between words, voices and images.

When I discovered the CARESSES MAGIQUES books, it was completely new for me to read such honest texts on masturbation. It did me good, it made me feel less alone. You know, we all once wondered if we were normal or not. With this documentary series, I hope to participate in uninhibiting people.

Lori Malépart-Traversy

Diverse female perspectives

“For thousands of years, humans have masturbated in peace. » It is on this sentence imprinted with wisdom that we begin the journey, in the first episode, on the benevolent voice of the filmmaker.

A short sentence that sets the tone, since it first offers us a brief history of our relationship to masturbation, from prehistory to the present day, and how we have come to make it so taboo, or even to be afraid of it.

In the following four episodes, however, we will leave all the room to women who will tell themselves their evolutionary relationship to masturbation. Four young women with stories as unique and different from each other.

Simple words, but felt. And sincere voices – not those of actresses – that Malépart-Traversy recorded during individual interviews.

Here, exit moralism and guilt; No recipes or instructions. We approach female masturbation with the sole intention of talking about it freely, in a healthy, uninhibited and frankly refreshing way.

Talking about what, more exactly? Discoveries that we make while growing up, myths that give us a hard time and experiences that make us evolve. Testimonials sometimes amusing, sometimes touching, sometimes frustrating, always relevant.

Everything is visually supported by bright, light and comical animations that feed the narration in the most beautiful, unpretentious way.

We would take even more!

Five short films is not much, but in an open context, it’s huge. What is said there is nevertheless of a disarming simplicity, with a touch of humor which means that, in the end, no discomfort persists.

Because there are as many stories of this kind as there are women, this is also somewhat the avowed objective of CARRESSES MAGIQUES: to finally reopen the dialogue on female masturbation in a society that has it. lost the habit.

To watch and listen to without taboo, for all women first and foremost, for young women absolutely, but for men as well. And yes, gentlemen, you too could find your way around a bit!

An animated documentary series to see on nfb.ca!

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