Sweden’s new cabinet says it will build new nuclear reactors

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(Bloomberg) – Sweden’s new government will ask utility Vattenfall AB to plan and acquire new nuclear power plants, according to a press conference on Friday.

« New reactors will be built in Sweden, » said Ebba Busch, whose Christian Democratic Party belongs to an alliance that won the most seats in last month’s general election. The right-wing bloc is set to become the Nordic nation’s next government in a parliamentary vote next week.

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Sweden now joins other countries in Europe that are turning to nuclear power in response to record energy prices and fears over the safety of key infrastructure. Swedes have hotly debated nuclear power for decades, but the energy source has recently garnered popular support amid the current power crisis.

The Nordic nation now has six reactors, operated mainly by Vattenfall. Atomic energy, hydroelectricity and wind turbines satisfy almost all of the country’s electricity demand.

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