Suzanne Clément toured with Richard Gere

Despite an already busy schedule with daily filming StatusSuzanne Clément traveled back and forth between Montreal and Toronto this fall to shoot in the film Longingalongside American actor Richard Gere.

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In this psychological drama directed by Israeli filmmaker Savi Gabizon, the Quebec actress plays the ex-girlfriend of the character played by Richard Gere, a business leader who suddenly learns of the death of his 20-year-old son, of whom he was unaware. existence until then. German actress Diane Kruger is also part of the cast.

In an interview granted Wednesday by videoconference on the occasion of the upcoming release of the French film The origin of evilSuzanne Clément told the Log having shot this film over five weekends in Toronto earlier this fall.

« It was possible to do it for me on the weekends because those were the only times when I wasn’t shooting in Status, she explains. It was rock’n’roll as a schedule, but it was fun to do. »

Richard Gere

Photo archives, AFP

Richard Gere

A generous actor

This is not the first time that Suzanne Clément has filmed in English. But for this project, she didn’t have to worry about her accent since the character she plays is a Quebecer.

« Let’s say it relieved me a little of the stress, » she breathes.

Having shared most of her scenes with Richard Gere, the Quebec actress says she was charmed by her meeting with the actor of Pretty Woman and officer and gentleman.

« He’s a super human, obviously, » she says. He has been doing a lot of humanitarian work for years. He was great with everyone on set. We had long scenes together and he was super generous. And he is still so beautiful! »

We can see Suzanne Clément in the cinema from January 13 in the French film The origin of evil. the daily Status resumes the antenna on January 9 on ICI Télé.


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