Sunny weekend almost everywhere in Quebec

The weekend will be sunny in most regions of Quebec where blue skies and above-normal temperatures are expected. The summer plays extra time before the mercury plunges again in the middle of next week.

It is in Montreal that it will be the hottest this Saturday with maximum temperatures around 19 degrees Celsius. At its lowest, the mercury will show 12 degrees Celsius for the metropolis.

Montreal is once again slow to experience its first fall frost, notes Julie Perreault, editor at Météo Média.

“This is not the first time that the metropolis has been late in terms of its first fall frost. Generally, this one is entitled to it around October 17th. However, since 2014, the first Montreal frost has appeared as late as November, every other year,” she explains.

This phenomenon is partly attributable to the urban character of the metropolis and the growing presence of heat islands, according to Julie Perreault.

Environment Canada, for its part, calls for caution and reminds that “the sun can become a major obstacle to visibility at the start and end of the day. The closer we get to the winter solstice, the closer the sun is to the horizon and for longer periods.

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