Suffering from cancer, political analyst Luc Lavoie withdraws from the airwaves of 98.5 FM and LCN

Suffering from cancer, political analyst Luc Lavoie announced with regret on Wednesday that he is forced to withdraw from putting his media interventions on the back burner for health reasons.

“Medicine has evolved a lot in recent years, which allows me to dream of a complete cure. But before I get there, I have many months left to devote all my energies to this fight, ”he said in a message posted on his Facebook page, in which he specifies having recently received this diagnosis.

A convinced federalist, recognized for his sometimes cutting positions and his corrosive sense of humor, Luc Lavoie has been on the airwaves of 98.5 FM daily since 2018, first on his friend Bernard Drainville’s show, then on the microphone by Luc Ferrandez since this fall. He was also a regular contributor to The game on LCN, where he had been back since last year after being dismissed by Quebecor when he joined Cogeco and 98.5 FM.

Parliamentary correspondent in Ottawa at the beginning of his career, Luc Lavoie is known to have been one of the main advisers of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, with whom he remained close. In the 1990s, he worked in the private sector, particularly in the field of communications. Luc Lavoie was one of the main architects of the sale of Videotron to Quebecor. He also piloted the defunct conservative channel Sun News in English Canada.

« Loved my job and hope to return to it one day, » he wrote on Wednesday.

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